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Game 43 Open Thread: May 22, 2005

suppan jensen
3-4, 4.27 1-2, 4.30 (aaa)

first of all, see my diary at right about capital v. lowercase letters --- need yer input. second of all, i'm on the road today through tuesday on bidness; will still be posting, but not as reg'lar nor as heavy. have a nice surprise to spring onya soon after my return tho, so don' go too far away.

it's opposite day: the cards do this, the cubs do that . . . . kind of sums it all up, no? acourse, the royals aren't the white sox, but are we supposed to apologize for that? i'm not. but anytime mlb wants to apologize to me for the sorry gimmick that is interleague play, i'll listen . . . . i do wonder if this won't be the last straw for dusty. at certain colleges, the head coach's job is safe as long as he wins the annual game against the crosstown (or cross-state) rival; but lose that one and you're on thin ice even if you beat ev'yone else on the schedule. and of course, dusty isn't beating ev'yone else . . . .

the goodbye look: whenever my family disperses after a gathering, we have to start exchanging our farewells about an hour before our taxis arrive because that's how long it takes us to do all our schmoozing and kvelling. well, the schmoozing and kvelling have commenced in philadelphia; billy wagner's taxi won't be due for a couple of months yet, but the fare-thee-wells are underway (scroll down about halfway thru the link). hugs n kisses, billy; hope your plane lands at lambert field.

slick with the stick: look whose son is a college hitting star. "they are pretty similar as players," says john sickels at sister SB site Minor League Ball, "although the son is not as athletic. It will be interesting to see where A.J. goes in the draft." here are the kid's stats, and here's a profile.