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goodbye to all that

wow. that really sucked.

in the game thread post, i had been planning to point out that marquis came into the game having created 7 runs per 27 outs so far in 2005, while his mound opponent was hitless in 15 at bats this season and has a .364 lifetime ops. . . . . so what happens? myers get his first hit in the 2d, knocking in a run; next at-bat, with the sacks jammed and two out in the 3d, his sheer presence at the plate is so intimidating that marquis chucks it back to the screen and lets the tying run score.

that needless phillie run, and the equally unnecessary tally next inning on an infield hit by chase utley (very nice hustle, chase), turned the contest around; take one or both off the board and myers isn't there for 7 innings. maybe it's a diff'nt game.

or maybe not. so much for the phillies; seeya in 2006. elsewhere:

two chicagaland papers, the sun-times and the daily herald, today raise the spectre of a midseason managerial change at wrigley. per the sun-times:

Several times during the Cubs' disappointing start, general manager Jim Hendry has reminded us of the early-season struggles by the 2003 Florida Marlins and 2004 Houston Astros.

Other than trips to the postseason, what do those two teams have in common?

That's right, both fired their managers in-season.

read sun-times here, herald here.

also apparently axe-worthy is cincinnati's dave miley, per jd at SportsBlog neighbor red reporter.

and in our own carefree little corner of the nl central, we learn that stl places 2d in mlb and 1st in the nl in this week's Beyond the Boxscore power rankings. per BTB: "Systematic and effective. After a tough loss to the Mets on Friday night, they bore down and took two tough games at Shea on the weekend. Expect smooth sailing to another division crown."