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Game 40 Open Thread: May 19, 2005

marquis myers
5-2, 3.17 3-2, 1.63

david pinto guest-stars at baseball analysts today with a thoughtful piece about stadiums -- rfk stadium in this instance, but busch stadium by inference. rfk is supposed to be a temporary home for the nats, just long enough for d.c. to build a new baseball-only park. pinto asks: why would you tear down a stadium that really is a throwback in order to build a new stadium that only looks like one? why not just make a few cosmetic amendments at the old place, add a few comforts and frills, and stay put? pinto points out (i didn't know) that the red sox were desperate at mid-century to get rid of fenway but, rebuffed by the city fathers, ended up doing just that -- spraying some perfume on the old pig. and now the place is a national shrine.

same thing could have happened for busch. notes pinto: "RFK is now the retro park. It's the type of stadium my generation grew up visiting. With Busch soon going the way of the wrecking ball, RFK will be the last of a breed. Rather than make it obsolete, let's fix the flaws. Let's leave it as a reminder of a generation's youth. RFK is a place where the game [not the ballpark] is the event. It would be nice to keep that in at least one venue."

amen, david. great article.