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Game 37 Open Thread: May 15, 2005

morris heilman
2-0, 3.10 3-2, 4.08

cummings' goings: this naughty cardinal farmhand reportedly busted for a dirty steroid test. he's 27 years old, has been in the organization six years, and has pitched to just one major league batter -- in a spring training game this year. do i blame him for `roiding? not really; seems like a rational decision given his circ'stances. but buddy, it's over; get on w your life and may you prosper.

butt for the grace of god: posters in yestdy's game thread at SportsBlog metsite amazin' avenue composed a real-time online ode to ray king's arse. went about like this:

peeder: Didn't we have a discussion preseason about who had the biggest ass in the majors?!?
erik from the bx: I hope not . . . and if yall did i wasn"t involved. why yall lookin at his ass?
StuckInGA: It takes up most of the screen when he pitches.
erik from the bx: Ok ill give yall that. . . . his ass is hard to miss

just wondering if "erik from the bx" could possibly be john rocker's online pseudo.