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Game 36 Open Thread: May 14, 2005

mulder pedro
5-1, 2.70 4-1, 3.06

this that other: the cardinals recalled gabe white and activated jason isringhausen from the 15-day dl; mike mahoney and kevin jarvis to memphis. the move gets them back to three lhs (king, white, flores) and for rhs (izzy reyes tavarez thompson) in the bullpen.

scott rolen had his injured shoulder scoped yesterdayand will be out four weeks min'mum. scott seabol and jj mabry to fill those shoes for the time being; hector luna available on farm if nec.

rumor sez cards in heated competition for another very bad baseball player for the bullpen. and if they miss out here, sources say that mike james has been throwing bp to the local high-school team and getting wicked sink on his two-seamer . . . .