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a little non-burnett content

the cardinals have added gary bennett and deivi cruz to their bench. i'll look `em up and offer some opinions later tonite.

ok, back to burnett . . . . .

still no resolution to these interminable negotiations, of which even your faithful correspondent is nauseatingly sick. turns out the great gammons --- like brian walton earlier today --- jumped the gun this afternoon when he reported an imminent signing. turns out the deal ain't anywhere near imminent, and all parties are retiring for the evening.

i have found's Inside the Dome to be the single best source of information throughout this awful affair. here are the contemporaneous updates they published today:

Monday 6:20 PM

Walt Jocketty has a meeting scheduled with Darek Braunecker later this evening. Reports of Burnett agreeing with the Blue Jays are premature.

Monday 6:30 PM

Toronto officials are not answering their phones. This is normally a sign that a move could be near.

Monday 6:45 PM

Some baseball officials believe the Cardinals could offer Burnett the fifth year he is asking for at the very last second. The Cardinals current offer is more than the Blue Jays offer in terms of the AAV (Average Annual Value). The Blue Jays have five-years on the table, the Cardinals have four years.

Monday 6:55 PM

InsideTheDome has learned the Cardinals could make the fifth option year kick in 'very easily' as a compromise.

my other faithful source, hawg wild, posted this at 6:30 central:
The Toronto Blue Jays and A.J. Burnett have not finalized a deal. They have the leading offer in place, but as we speak, Jocketty and the Cardinals are with Burnett's agent, discussing the 5th year option.

Jocketty has spoken to Dewitt and Co. about a guaranteed 5th year, but whether or not they gave him permission remains to be seen.

Jocketty said down here in Dallas just a few short minutes ago that Burnett is still their main target.

you know why those two are giving out good information? because they're talking to club officials and not to burnett's punk agent. Red in Chicago said it better than i ever could:
This means the little chump Brown-necker leaked a lie to his buddies at ESPN to try to light a fire under StL. I hope Brown-necker has a strong arm because after this his future will be in house-painting. What a complete doofus rookie imbecile clod incompetent.
only thing red-chi left out is that braunecker's buddies at espn faithfully passed his transparent bullshit along as the truth.

jock didn't fall for it.

i will be back with more later tonight. this all sucks, it truly sucks.