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as soon as the SB Nation sites went down, i knew the burnett signing announcement was imminent . . . . and sure enough, 5 minutes later i read this at Inside the Dome:

ESPN's Peter Gammons says A.J. Burnett will likely go to the Blue Jays for five years and $55 million. Reportedly, Burnett's agent wants to talk with the Cardinals one more time. However, the deal with Toronto could be agreed to within the next honor. It sounds as though the Cardinals just won't guarantee him the fifth year.

back w more asap . . .

Update [2005-12-5 18:48:48 by lboros]: espn is sure enough of the info that they're now reporting an imminent signing at this does not sound like a bluff by burnett and his agent.

Update [2005-12-5 18:48:48 by lboros]: just got pm'd by hawg wild: "cards are with burnett's agent right now."