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complete nontender list

is here. cards nontendered bo hart, scott seabol, mike mahoney, and mike lincoln. larry bigbie to be paid $900K.

available players of possible interest:

eric byrnes, of: hits left-handers well, could platoon with bigbie --- which would be funny, because they were traded for each other last summer.

wade miller, rhp: injury reclamation project. his health is a major prob'm, he's prob'y more trouble than he's worth --- but the cards are said to be interested.

willie harris, 2b: i like him, for reasons stated here; good glove, promising on-base ability (btf's ZIPS projects him out to a .351 on-base pct in 2006). he might make a nice platoon combo with luna, but harris wants to play everyday and will probably sign somewhere else.

chad bradford, rhp: decent setup man once upon a time, will round out some team's bullpen for $750K --- prob'y not ours. but with dotel off the market, the list of candidates is dwindling . . .

josh fogg, rhp: career era is 4.74, career opp avg is .282 . . . .

junior spivey, 2b: cards will prob'y sniff around. at a quick glance, looks so-so with the glove --- rate2 is 100 (ie, neutral) for his career, and rf/9s have been consistently below league avg. career obp is nice, .354, but he's had a very uneven career w the bat . . . .

joe borowski, rhp: dfa'd, so not on the market for 10 days; he may be traded or waiver-claimed before he hits the f.a. market.