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non tenders (work in progress) --- lohse offered arbitration

we've dodged the jacque jones bullet --- he signed with the cubs for 3 years / $16m. thank god.

rotoworld reports:

joe borowski was dfa'd; he'll be available

the cubs tendered all their arb-eligibles, including corey patterson

the padres nontendered four players: rhp drew brazleton, lhp craig breslow, and cs dave ross and pete laforest.

the reds nontendered rhps ramon ortiz and joe valentine. ortiz is a significant nontender; he made 30 starts for them in 2005 and went 9-11 with a 5.36 era. he won 44 games between 2001-2003. i wouldn't want the cards to chase him, but somebody will.

i will update as possible; if you see anything, put it in the comments.

Update [2005-12-20 20:46:2 by lboros]: mets nontendered rhp tyler yates and of wayne lydon.

boston nontendered rhps chad bradford and wade miller. expect the cardinals to go after miller.

twins nontendered rhp grant balfour.

oakland nontendered of hiram bocachia.

Update [2005-12-20 23:49:34 by lboros]: keep reading below the fold . . . .

Update [2005-12-20 23:49:34 by lboros]: the yankees got johnny damon for 4 years / $13m. that's actually not such a terrible contract . . .

the nontenders from los angeles: 3b mike edwards, 1b brian myrow, c jason phillips. who the hell are these people . . . . la did offer a contract to hee sop choi, a much-rumored non-tender candidate

milwaukee nontendered two rhps, jeff bennett and dan kolb. god only knows what happened to kolb; he stunk in april (7.20 era) and september (.500 opp avg) and just about ev'y month in between. the brewers signed 3b russell branyan to a 1-yr deal.

seattle apparently offered a contract to pitcher gil meche; he does not appear on their nontender list, which consists of rhps ryan franklin and cha baek and outfielder jamal strong.

the twins offered a contract to rhp kyle lohse, in whom the cards had consid'able interest. that leaves wade miler as the only attractive addition to the crop of free-agent starting pitchers . . . . minnesota also tendered nick punto and michael cuddyer.

Update [2005-12-21 0:41:3 by lboros]: chisox 2b willie harris to be non-tendered. i would love to see the cards throw $1m at him, but he wants to play ev'yday and may deem the stl 2b situation too competitive. former card playoff killer timo perez also let go by the sox . . . .