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midday hot air

encouraging news out of the windy city, per sun-times: the cubs reportedly have made an offer to jacque jones. a double gift -- like having a tornado just barely miss your house and instead tear the roof off your obnoxious neighbor's place . . . .

also from the windy city, per the chicago tribune: "It's not axiomatic that the Sox and pitcher Jose Contreras will strike an extension soon":

Jaime Torres, Contreras' agent, said Monday he wasn't encouraged by the White Sox's initial offer to keep him past 2006.

"We have to look at today's market," Torres said.

That's cause for concern among the Sox, who have 16 players under contract at about $83 million for 2006 but want to stabilize their rotation for the future in an escalating market.

this is only an initial offer, and there's no pressing deadline here; contreras is already under contract for 2006. but the situation is worth keeping an eye on, as it might affect the sox's plans to trade jon garland -- maybe they'll have to move contreras instead . . . .

despite reports from new york that octavio dotel is about to sign with one of the two gotham teams, derrick goold suggests at bird land that the cards ain't out of it just yet. you never know; wasn't looper supposedly bound for the phillies, iron-clad, just a day or two before the cardinals signed him?

Update [2005-12-20 16:54:17 by lboros]: the ny papers were right. per fox sports (thanks farcards), dotel signed with the yankees.

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the jeremy reed trade rumors continue -- now it's said that he'll go to either the yankees or the sox, whichever one doesn't end up with johnny damon.

i also have not given up on a possible coco crisp deal yet. my secret source hawg wild says the cardinals have definitely inquired; there also are some whispers about it over at bernie's. i still don't see why cleveland would want to deal this guy; maybe they think he's reached his peak value and are trying to sell high. anyway, if hawg says the cards are pursuing it, i believe him.

hawg also thinks the cardinals will be very interested in wade miller, assuming the red sox non-tender him (as seems likely).

finally, dayn perry gives the cardinals a c+ for their off-season so far. his bottom line: "The Cards still need an outfielder, but that they're apparently willing to give John Rodriguez and Hector Luna shots at everyday jobs is encouraging. They've overpaid for relievers, but the unit will be solid once again." i'm not sure why he thinks j-rod will get a shot to start; the organization has been talking up bigbie. whatever . . . .

. . . . and this just in: texas acquired adam eaton from the padres but had to give up one of their better pitchers, chris young, for him. how might this affect a potential marquis-for-mench trade? i dunno, will have to look at the rosters etc. anybody have any thoughts on that, jump right in.

re the nontender list: i'd expect the list to be out shortly before or after midnight. anybody sees it, please post a diary with a link.

Update [2005-12-20 16:5:15 by lboros]: per espn (thanks cardsrul), rudy seanez is a red sock.