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weekend discussion thread: general grumpiness

this thoughtful post was originally put up as a diary on friday night. while i don't agree with ev'ything that's said here, the point of view is very well stated --- and it seems like an issue that's on a lot of people's minds. so here's flynn, with the weekend discussion thread:

By flynn
Posted on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 12:08:02 AM CDT

For as long as I can remember, midwestern media, and St. Louisans in particular, liked to ridicule easterners, especially New Yorkers, for their seemingly idiotic forays off the deep end when things weren't going thier way in the sports arena. "What have you done for me lately?" was a rallying cry in New York, Philly, and Boston, but a badge of ignorance to us, the more genteel and educated fans who knew the true measure of a player or team was the entire breadth of their existence. How dare those Met fans boo Gary Carter for a lousy June after the great years he gave them! Can you believe Yankee fans getting on Mattingly after an 0-for the weekend? It was with pride that Cardinal fans would cheer on a guy mired in a slump or salute a valiant, but losing, effort. But yet, what is going on here? Up to the second analysis of what presumptively is not the final product. The formula that has delivered 6 postseasons in 10 years is being skewered as incompetent and foolish.

I do not hold myself above the fray, as I have piled on, as well. but, seriously, how many of us are anxious only to hear our own voice or see our words in print? Stop and look at the team, Cardnuts. I'm guessing most other teams would kill for the Pujols-Edmonds-Rolen core we have, complemented by Eckstein and Molina. And then we have Cy Young Carpenter, followed by three double digit winners, a hot shot rookie and a bona-fode closer. Oh, and there's that hall of fame manager in the dugout. We've been spoiled by success and want more. Nothing wrong with that, and, hey, I was damn mad when Loretta went to Boston, but please, stop and realize what we have on this team.

To wit: Aren't the Cardinals pretty much at their limit as far as guys who have given the team a break? Pujols is underpaid, quite obviously. I mean, Jeff Bagwell of all people, will make more than him this year, and next year. Carpenter has a downright criminal contract considering what he did before and after signing it. Rolen makes a mint, no doubt, but he turned down a lot more in Philly. And Edmonds, the former malcontent, has not only earned his keep but also deferred tons of cash every year of his deal to provide flexibility. The team did overpay for Tino a few years back but, really, that's been it for the last several years. One guy. When you look at the monumentally bad contracts given to people like Bobby Higginson, Todd Hundley, and Derek Bell in the past ten years, it makes you appreciate how few really poor decisions this team has made. Perhaps the venom being spewed over Looper is in anticipation of this being our Darren Dreifort. While that is a frightening thought, it seems manic to me to wail and moan to such an extent when the guy is slated to make only $750,000 more than Ray King would have. Let's not kill these Cardinals before they hatch, OK?