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two correspondents are singing in harmony on the burnett situation. from the birdhouse:

The Cardinals and Burnett have an agreement in place. It could be four years plus an option. But it has not been finalized by Burnett. The Cardinals expect a final answer prior to the Winter Meetings, which don't officially begin until next Monday. However, if a Baltimore (the home area of Burnett's wife) or Toronto steps in with a better deal in the meantime, all bets could be off.
and here's what is being said at's blue jay affiliate, inside the dome:
The Cardinals had the top offer on the table as of last night. It was a four-year deal with a fifth option year. I still believe it will take five guaranteed years to sign Burnett, and in the end I expect him to get five years worth over $50mil. And let me add this, the Jays are expected to make A.J. an offer today.
wild card that could tip this in st louis' favor: burnett's wife reportedly does not like the city of toronto at all. don't know why, if it's the weather or the funky canadian coins or what, she just does not want to live there. at least, that's the word. she is from baltimore -- whose baseball team, let's not forget, originally came from st louis . . . . .