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pure poetry

you'll notice there are a few more ads on the sidebars -- click on through, it helps cover VEB's enormous overhead. a distressingly high proportion of the google ads appear to be for cub / derrek lee gear; not my fault, victim of circumstance. you don't have to click on those; maybe they'll go away . . . .

bobby cox won nl mgr of yr, as you may have read elsewhere by now. personally i'd have given it to phil garner, whose team pulled off a turnaround not seen since 1914. la russa did a nice job too. what the heck, a round of applause for all 30 major league managers. let's not play favorites; we can all be winners . . . . .

and on the eve of the nl cy young announcement, mike carminati asks: just who gives a rat's ass about these awards anyway?

baseball analysts projects reggie sanders will sign somewhere for 2 yrs, $10 mill -- not stl i hope, at least at those prices. meanwhile, uss mariner is predicting that matt morris will sign with seattle for 4 years, $30m. and more power to him if he can get it. . . . .

Lone Star Ball on kevin mench:

Mench turns 28 next season. His EQA has gone from .288 to .285 to .276 over the past three years. He's looking at $2-2.5 million in arbitration in 2006, and then likely $4 million or so in 2007. In other words, unless he reverses the downward trend his exhibited offensively, he's not likely to continue being a bargain. And at his age, he's no longer at the point where we can expect steady improvement.
the same post says the blue jays have offered their closer (miguel batista) and outfielder alex rios for the guy. yeh yeh yeh . . . .

finally, score bard is soliciting original haikus about wrigley field. here, let me compose one right this very second:

the baseball's no good
but there's a lot to be said
for drunk bleacher babes.

i call it "Viva El Bimbos."