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not burnett ---- yet . . . .

just posted by bernie at the pressbox:

Posted: 30 Nov 2005 11:24 am
Post subject: Burnett to Cardinals: Not true

I reached a high-ranking Cardinals official about the rumor of the day...

Have the Cardinals signed A.J. Burnett?

No. Absolutely not. That was the answer.

But they are keeping the dialogue open with his agent.


that doesn't directly contradict the post by Hawg at sports lounge, which said (quoting) "the cardinals expect aj burnett to sign within the next couple of days." but at the very least it keeps things in perspective. could be some faulty info is afoot; could be circumstances have changed, or are continually changing, etc etc.

so --- no deal yet, and from the sound of bernie's source no deal imminent. situation still bears watching --- could be there's some other deal in the offing . . . . and still possible there's no imminent deal at all.

add'l info from bernie at this thread.