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top 10 cardinal prospects

happy thanksgiving. i had no intention of posting today until i saw this --- a sneak preview of the cards' top 10 prospects as ranked by baseball america. derrick goold gets the credit --- he posted the list at Bird Land:

  1. Anthony Reyes, rhp
  2. Colby Rasmus, of
  3. Tyler Greene, ss
  4. Chris Lambert, rhp
  5. Mark McCormick, rhp
  6. Adam Wainwright, rhp
  7. Travis Hanson, 3b
  8. Cody Haerther, of
  9. Nick Webber, rhp
  10. Stuart Pomeranz, rhp
note that 3 of the top 5 (rasmus greene and mccormick) came from the 2005 draft; they're still sev'l years off.

as long as i've got you, you'll have heard that the cubs signed another setup man, cleveland's bob howry --- 3 yr / $12m. you may not have heard that two chicago radio stations are reporting that the cubs are close to acquiring juane pierre. sounds right, but a lot of outlets with access to good sources remain mum, so who knows . . . .

another cub tidbit: blogger al yellon at Bleed Cubbie Blue was one of 250 finalists in the raffle to sic the wrecking ball on busch stadium. his number wasn't drawn --- or, if it was drawn, was secretly tossed back to prevent the sacrilege of a cub fan launching the demoliition --- but al picked up a nifty consolation prize, viz this print encapsulating the city's baseball history. amusement to be had in the comments thread, as always.

that's enough. i'm s'posed to be vacatin' . . . .