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18 1st place votes, 14 2d place.

andruw jones got 13 1st place votes; lee got the other 1, and only 1 2d-place vote; 30 3d-place votes.

ensberg 4th, miguel cabrera 5th.

then delgado, burrell, carpenter, giles, and rollins.

eckstein got named on 5 ballots: one 6th-place vote, two 7ths and two 10ths.

it's the 2d time the cards swept the mvp and cy awards --- only other time was '68, when gibson won both. in '85 they swept the mvp (mcgee) and rookie of year (coleman).

pujols' mvp is the 1st since that '85 mcgee award; he is the 15th cardinal mvp in franchise history. the cardinals have claimed the trophy 17 times in the 82-year history of the award.