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pm odds and sods

a-rod won the al mvp award; nothing shaking on the transaction front. if you need a pm baseball fix, i'd recommend today's awards breakdown at baseball analysts. they've got albert finishing 2d to derrek in the mvp.

one of my favorite sites, pretty war stl, has posted an online album of 60 photos from the last game at busch stadium. i'm partial to this one, but there are quite a few excellent images.

the giants are seriously interested in mattymo. according to the sf chronicle, the giants have had multiple conversations with morris' agent, barry axelrod. among other things, an sf signing would reunite morris with mike matheney. chronicle, quoting axelrod: "We actually talked about that. Of the many factors Matt will be considering, that would be one of the positives." McCovey Chronicles scouts morris and concludes: "At two years - maybe two years with a option that automatically vests when performance levels are reached - Morris is exactly what the Giants need."

espn sees morris in baltimore, which scenario makes very little sense to me; i can see the mets, mariners, giants, or even cardinals, but not the o's. morris is a competitor and the orioles have zero chance to win in that division. they do have lee mazzone, which morris might like; but i still can't see him signing there.

white sox fans are mourning john rooney's move to the cardinal booth. wayne hagin's name came up over at A's Nation, but there's not a lot of enthusiasm for him. . . . .