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carp wins

carp wins.

details to follow.

Update [2005-11-10 14:32:33 by lboros]: snap reaction at baseball musings: ?It looks like the NL voters applied the ?Team winning the division makes you a better pitcher? test. . . . . It?s not a bad vote, not nearly as bad as the AL. It's just not clear to me the logic the voters used in selecting Carpenter over Willis.?

Update [2005-11-10 14:34:51 by lboros]: sour grapes at Fish Stripes: "It couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. Oh wait - yes it could have. There were at least two other more deserving candidates. . . . This was the closest finish since 1998. Still, it doesn't feel right. I'd really like to see how each writer voted."

Update [2005-11-10 15:54:50 by lboros]:tacit endorsement of the choice from Lookout Landing: "A much more reasonable choice than yesterday's, although I would've given it to the Rocket." compare the lists in this post to the ones re the al cy young.

Update [2005-11-10 16:19:11 by lboros]: at the think factory they're not only pissed about clemens getting jobbed, they're already bitching about either albert or andruw winning the mvp.