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pm edition

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matty fred sent along this photo of the stadium demolition; click on this image to get an enlarged view. thanks a lot, matty, definitely much appreciated -- and see matty's diary for a link to another image of the goings-on inside old busch.

elsewhere: cardnilly posted the first installment of his postseason report cards -- catchers and infielders.

the elias sports bureau has rated albert pujols the best player in baseball -- 98.519 points on a 100-point scale. of greater importance (and far more entertaining), albert also rates plenty high on bellyitcher's PWF rating scale.

oh by the way AP won the nl mvp award in baseball prospectus' internet baseball awards. eat your heart out, white sox fans.

but Beyond the Boxscore gives the award to derrek lee.

humbug journal has a rip-snortin' game of jeopardy going. sample answer (and remember to phrase your response in question form): "The two men who have held famous MLB career records (one of which since surpassed) represented by these digits: 1652" . . . . just click the link and look it up the answer, which is in the comments. you'll never get it. . . .

finally, bucs dugout reports a rumor that the pirates may trade kip wells for wily mo pena. just the type of trade (ie moronic) we'd expect the reds front office to bite on. since it's out there, it's probably not true -- just somebody spinning. anyway, since there's a lot of wishful austin kearns / adam dunn talk among many cardinal fans, i thought i'd add this almost surely untrue piece of "information" to the conversation.