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NLDS Game 3 Open Thread: October 8, 2005

mattmo woody
14-10, 4.11 9-12, 4.85

i tempt the gods . . . . .i look ahead.

the doctahs say that if the cardinals advance to the nlcs, mark mulder can't pitch before game 3. fine. if he can go in 3 (next saturday), that'd put him in line to pitch game (ulp) 7 of that series. morris pitches tonight; his next regular turn would come on thursday, which is game 2 of the nlcs. so we could line `em up carp 1, morris 2, mulder 3 vs hou or hotlanta --

-- but suppose this series runs the full 5? either suppan or marquis pitches tomorrow, which would make that guy's next regular turn friday, an nlcs off day; ok, saturday -- nope, that's game 3, mulder's turn. alright, dammit, sunday . . . . but wait a second. if we postulate a five-game series, that means chris carpenter would pitch monday, and his regular turn would fall next saturday -- game friggin' 3. logjam city.

so how would it go? presumably whoever doesn't start tomorrow (suppan or marquis) would open the nlcs, by default; every other starter would be on short rest or injured. morris would pitch game 2, carpenter 3, mulder 4, then supp/marquis 5, morris 6, carpenter 7 . . .. suboptimal, to say the least.

that's one of many reasons to close this series out asap, and not let the padres back into it.

Update [2005-10-8 21:57:45 by lboros]: miklasz has the lineups posted -- tony stands pat for 3 consec games:

eckstein ss roberts cf
edmonds cf loretta 2b
pujols 1b giles rf
walker rf klesko lf
sanders lf hernandez c
grud'k 2b fick 1b
nunez 3b greene ss
molina c randa 3b
morris p williams p