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p-d sportswriter derrick goold is a gentleman. after learning that "Bird Watch," the original title for his blog, was already in use by an existing site, he e-mailed josh schulz (proprietor of said) to apologize for the oversight and promptly rechristened his blog: it's now Bird Land. a good name, and (judging by his actions) a good guy.

here's cardnilly on the playoff buzz.

bellyscratcher's vending instructional videos; all major credit cards accepted.

diaspora gets inside pedro astacio's head and finds it in a sorry state.

mark mulder is running a strong 4th in Athletics Nation's Ass Smackdown 2005, trailing huston street, rich harden, and bobby crosby. not bad for a guy one full season departed . . . . dan haren sits a distant 10th in the standings.

this guy thinks the nl playoffs are a snooze. that'll happen when the games are played on midweek afternoons and weekend wee hours . . . .