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midday readings

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in the cardblogs: danup swears he saw al reyes warming up in the 9th yesterday --- left-handed . . . . pip not only recaps the game at fungoes but also has gramma's remedy for hand cramps. . . . brian gunn explains why jason isringhausen's dvd of "moulin rouge" wore out from overuse . . . .

there is a new "blog" out there, penned by p-d writer derrick goold -- actually less a blog than a dumping ground for those portions of goold's daily notes that are unfit for the print edition. but that irks me less than the fact that the thing is called "Bird Watch" -- a name already in use for 10 months by an actual blog with much better content. derrick's thing is brand-new --- literally a few days old --- and maybe the material will improve as he gets the hang of it. but i for one will never link it until the name gets changed. i don't buy that nobody at the p-d realized "Birdwatch" was already in use; at least a few people over there are definitely looking at the blogs. goold himself may be innocent, but he should do the right thing and retitle his blog.

in the padblogs: gaslamp ball wants to know why me??? . . . . if nothing else, the loss (plus peavy's injury) gives ducksnorts an opportunity to piss off negative people . . . add ducksnorts: he ref'nces "hertz donuts" -- which put me in mind of this cool post i saw yesterday . . . .