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crystal balls

card blogger roundtable is up today; my own playoff breakdown to come tomorrow morning. for now, read these:

  • padblog ducksnorts makes it cardinals in five . . . .
  • the card-padre matchup may be lopsided on paper, says david pinto; but on the field he thinks it's likely a dogfight, with the padres drawing some blood and maybe just winning the series
  • ditto aaron gleeman at the hardball times, who asks: "So this series should be a cake walk for the Cardinals, right? Well, maybe not." put him down for st louis in five
  • jbox at padblog Gaslamp Ball thinks the cards are ripe to be punked by an upstart team
  • rich lederer at baseball analysts thinks houston's pitching will carry them all the way. smart man, often right . . . .
  • everybody at espn thinks the cardinals will win --- and that makes me nervous. but i do take heart that rob neyer, who actually seems to think critically about this stuff, makes it cards in 3.

the cardinals hit their pythagorean projection on the nose -- 100-62. 2d consecutive year they've achieved that pythagorean record . . .

more pixs of busch at stl pretty war.