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weekend discussion thread

let's say you could hit the rewind button on the 2005 season, spool it back to any point after the last out of the 2004 season, and change one decision the cardinals made. what would you change and why?

it has to be a decision that falls within human control. you can't say i'd wind it back and make larry walker's neck healthy, but you can say i would have benched walker in favor of john rodriguez in the nlcs. you can't say i'd eliminate al reyes' elbow injury; but you can say i would've replaced al reyes with anthony reyes on the postseason roster.

i don't care how broad or specific your decision-point is. you might say: i'd wind it back and not pull the trigger on the mulder trade. or you might say: i'd wind it back to the 9th inning of game 4 of the nlcs, pinch-hit nunez for mabry, and put on the squeeze.

whatever you choose, it should be something you think might have increased the cardinals' odds of reaching and winning the world series.

have a great weekend.