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World Series Game 3 Open Thread

no roof controversy if they'da been playing at this place tonight. as is so often the case, it's not selig's decision per se that is most idiotic --- it's the seat-of-pants way in which that decision got made and announced. if they had thought this through and announced this same rule --- open roof --- before the series started, people would have received it with less derision. it wouldn't look like they're making things up as they go along, and/or piling on a team that's down 0-2 and looking for ev'y advantage it can get.

take for example this unfortunate decision. don't like it at all (i was one of those bookwormy brats who used to get those straight-A tix), but the team wisely delivered the bad news in the lull of a newly ended season, and with many fans distracted by the world series. by the time the new stadium opens, this will no longer be an issue.

go astros; go oswalt. i wanna see this series get interesting.