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Game 162 Open Thread: October 2, 2005

mattmo claussen
14-10, 3.94 10-10, 4.01

with a win today, matt morris can match last year's w-l record. this may well be his last regular-season start as a cardinal. since he rejoined the rotation in 2001, he has gone 79-45 -- tied (with barry zito) for the 8th-most wins in mlb over that stretch. across the same span he's 10th in winning percentage, 13th in era (3.79), tied for 6th in shutouts, and 13th in complete games. i hope he'll be back with st louis next year, but there's a high likelihood he won't. one way or the other, i for one will always root for this guy. he exemplifies what it's all about -- competing.