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NLCS Game 5 Open Thread: October 17, 2005

carp pettitte
21-5, 2.83 17-9, 2.39

per miklasz, the cards will line up this way:

eckstein ss
edmonds cf
pujols 1b
sanders lf
walker rf
grud'k 2b
molina c
luna 3b
carpenter p

hou lineup not available yet.

john donovan of sports illustrated isn't buying the fire-em-up spin on la russa's game 4 meltdown.

david pinto sees game 5 this way:

"You can't really blame the Cardinals starters in this series. They've allowed 7 earned runs in 25 1/3 innings for a 2.49 ERA. My feeling coming into the series was that if the Cardinals starters were able to stay with the Houston starters, the St. Louis offense would win out. But Pujols and Nunez are the only two players to get on base consistently, and they're far apart in the lineup (especially if Nunez can't play). If the Cardinals can't put together three hits in a row a few times tonight, they'll never see Busch Stadium again."