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NLCS Game 3 Open Thread: October 15, 2005

mattmo clemens
14-10, 4.11 13-8, 1.87

post the thread way early again today . . . . . if'n you care, it's on accounta i'm spending the whole morning with my kids at a) the train museum and b) the costco hangar mart. the latter being nearly as capacious as the venue for today's ballgame. . . . . .

i have little further to say except "go cards." well, that and one other meaningless but amusing bit of trivia: in recent memory, the cardinals have a damn good postseason record against pitchers with uber career win totals. going back to 1982 they have faced four 300-game winners in the postseason -- clemens, don sutton, greg maddux, and phil niekro -- for a combined eight starts. they're 6-2 in those games and have scored an average of 5.6 runs. drop the bar to 250 wins and we can add three more pitchers --bert blyleven, tom glavine, and randy johnson -- and seven more starts; the cards' record in those games is 5-2, with a per-game run avg of 5.2. the cardinals' winning pitchers in those games included john stuper, mike james, todd stottlemyre, woody williams, bruce sutter, darryl kile . . . . and matt morris.

i'd settle for four runs today. i said at the outset that the series boils down to this question: how many times can the cards push 3 or 4 runs across and make it stand up? so far they're 1 for 2. they face backe tomorrow and have carpenter throwing on monday; if they can steal a win today all of a sudden it lines up very nicely for them.