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off day off'ings

game 2 result hasn't shaken things up dramatically at -- stl opened the series trading at $64 a share, now at $57 after splitting the first 2 . . . . .

miklasz reports this from houston:

Houston players and media seem pretty confident that this one's over ... or at least that the Astros have gotten the upper hand.
i take that information with a grain of salt, but to whatever degree it is true it can only help our side.

i had a tidbit about chris burke that didn't make it into my series preview, viz.: he had a pretty good 2d half, .335 obp and .446 slg in 148 ab. in short, he was so taguchi / john rodriguez after the all-star break, a pretty good player. he does not have a dramatic home-road split -- in fact hit slightly better on the road this season, small sample size yadda yadda. he hit worse against rhp but not significantly; if i were garner i would start him v morris in game 3.

another reason to mourn sanders' injury: he led all cardinal hitters at minute maid this year, batting .500 with 3 2b and 3 hr; his slugging pct was 1.357. gooch went 3 for 17 (.176) with no xbase hits; rodriguez played one game there and went 2 for 5 . . . . but pujols hit .406 there, edmonds .312, eckstein .324. all of which means nothing, frankly.

bullpen assured of more work tomorrow. morris hasn't gone more than 6 innings in a start since august 30. he hasn't gone more than 7 since before the all-star break. . . . .

Update [2005-10-14 18:36:40 by lboros]: more info from miklasz online at the pressbox. the skinny: sanders feeling good, will probably start. walker a mass of pain; taguchi probably will play right field.