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mid-morning reading

if you enjoyed my knock on the bullpen below, you'll love josh's knock on the man who runs it . . . .

or, you're a don't-worry-be-happy type, check this out: david pinto loves the top of the cards' order --

The 1-2-3 hitters for both teams told the story of the series. The Cardinals kept the top of the Padres order off base. Roberts, Lorretta and Giles all posted OBAs below .300 during the series, while Eckstein, Edmonds and Pujols were all well over .400. No one set the table for San Diego, while Reggie Sanders always had a big meal to devour.

rich lederer of baseball analysts places yesterday's hou-atl marathon among the greatest postseason games ever played. david gassko of hardball times also thinks it was a postseason epic -- an epic collapse on the part of the braves. his win-expectancy chart doesn't lie . . . . and who'da thunk kyle farnsworth would be right in the middle of it?

if you think it requires pretzel logic to conclude pujols is the nl mvp, check out these pixs . . . .