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Game 161 Open Thread: October 1, 2005

marquis ortiz
13-14, 4.03 9-11, 5.23

now i ask you: is that any way to celebrate 40 years of great baseball?

i'm not gonna get bogged down in the details. mulder -- didn't watch him. king -- what more needs to be said? flores -- made adam dunn look foolish for the 2d time in 10 days; appears to be our best lh option out of the pen, hands down. tavarez -- can't be trusted. 11 bb, 10 k since the all-star break; hitters batting .333 in the span with an .ops just shy of .900.

onward: apparently suppan has slipped out of the nlds rotation despite being the cards' most consistent second-half pitcher. i gotta say, i don't get it. if mulder is the postseason #2, how can supps -- with nearly identical markers -- be out of the rotation altogether? behold:

w-l era whip batt avg slg obp w/9 k/9
suppan 16-10 3.57 1.38 .275 .335 .428 2.9 5.3
mulder 16-8 3.64 1.38 .273 .339 .410 3.1 4.9

those are identical pitchers; if one's in, why not the other? i would keep suppan in the rotation and put marquis in the bullpen, which clearly needs the help. suppan's not the late-inning asset that marquis is -- lacks the velocity and sink to come right after hitters the way jason can. seems to me the bigger marginal gain comes from assigning marquis to a setup role. . . . . i hope we're still not making decisions to shore up threadbare egos; i.e., to keep jason from pouting all winter.

speaking of pouting: mcgwire's appearance was chickenshit. he refused to ride around the track; then, like a coward, he hid behind his infant child. and cardinal fans, classy group that they are -- much classier than "big" mac -- still offered polite cheers. it was a big mistake to bring him back at all. he tells the press "i've moved on"; well then move, 25. thanks for the memories. don't come back.