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Kolten Wong and Plate Discipline

Kolten Wong is better than you think at the plate.

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The Most Interesting* Cardinals ZiPs - A Hunt and Peck

*To me.

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FanPost Friday: What is the most memorable Cardinals game you have been to?

It’s pretty tough to specifically remember every game you have attended, but it’s just as tough to forget about that one game.

The Top of the Cardinals Farm is Changing

It’s been some time since we’ve seen players like this populating top prospect lists.

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We have some Cardinals mystery ZiPS - A Hunt and Peck

The full projections should be out soon!

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Paul DeJong’s 2018: In the field

DeJong went from good to great with the glove in 2018. Chalk some of it up to experience, but a change in positioning helped quite a bit.

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Hunt and Peck

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VEB Daily

St. Louis Cardinals Prospects

Viva El Birdos Top Prospects 2018

Scott Rolen Belongs in the Hall of Fame

The Case for Scott Rolen

Kyler Murray, Brian Jordan and J.D. Drew

As the two-sport Murray tries to leverage his options for a big payday, I can hear the echoes of two former Cardinals.

The Cardinals have avoided arbitration - A Hunt and Peck

Four players have agreed to contracts.

Welcome to Viva El Birdos

A handy guide to the site

VEB community votes Rolen, two others into real Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is now accepting Rolen as a member because of this site. This is totally real.

Baseball, come back! - A Hunt and Peck

This offseason is so boooorrrriiiing.

The 2019 Viva El Birdos Top Prospects List: More Who Missed

Even more prospects!

System Sundays: Scouting Fernando Brazoban

Taking a quick look at an incredibly young new signing by the Cardinals.

Chasen and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Pitch

Chasen Shreve is thisclose to being good. That can feel like it’s really far.

FanPost Friday: Which Cardinal are you most excited to watch in 2019?

With new players looking to make an impact and returning guys trying to find their stride, the Cardinals will be an exciting club to watch this season.

Anomalies and Curiosities in Cardinals Uniform History

The birds on the bat and interlocking STL are a classic look, but it took some trial and error to get where we are today.

Jaime Garcia is retiring from baseball - A Hunt and Peck

It has been real

Paul DeJong’s 2018: At the plate

DeJong’s decreased production wasn’t underperformance, it was regression—but it was still solid.

Chris Duncan hit the greatest home run I have ever seen

The memory is vivid, but documenting the feat is not so easy.

VEB Votes on the Hall of Fame

The VEB writers on who they would vote for to make the Hall of Fame

An appreciation of Jordan Hicks - A Hunt and Peck

because Jordan Hicks owns.

VEB Community Votes on the Hall of Fame

Here is your chance to right the wrongs of the current Hall of Fame voters

Once again, Scott Rolen likely won’t make the Hall of Fame this year - A Hunt and Peck

One might say I am triggered.

The 2019 Viva El Birdos Top Prospect List: The Final Tally

Wrapping up another year’s prospect list.

Birdos in Brief

System Sundays: A Brief Look at Ryan Meisinger

A scouting report on a recently-added pitcher.

Where Do Stars Come From?

It’s hard to find great players. How do teams do it?

Orlanda Cepeda, Herman Franks, and El Birdos... Yeah! - A Hunt and Peck

Allow me to tell you a story...

Happy Birthday Herman Franks!

The former Cardinal who died in 2009 was born on this date in 1914

The Cardinals Bullpen Has Potential. Is it Enough?

After a disappointing 2018, there’s promise for 2019 at the end of games.

No one wants to be hit by a Jordan Hicks fastball - A Hunt and Peck

Which makes sense!

Shifting the focus to the rotation

The best way to improve the bullpen is to add a quality starter.

11 Questions for the Cardinals in 2019

These 11 questions could lead to a 12th ring.


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