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Bygone Birdos: The time Mark McGwire hit a 545-foot home run (2016)

Well, maybe.

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Bygone Birdos: The Quiet End of an Era (2021)

Matt Carpenter and Carlos Martinez have likely played their last games as Cardinals. Let’s acknowledge their great careers in St. Louis.

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VEB Podcast: Alumni Episode with Alex Crisafulli & John LaRue

Former Birdos Alex Crisafulli and John LaRue joined the podcast to talk about the Cardinals and reminisce about Viva El Birdos.

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After the Cody Bellinger deal, are the Cardinals the best team in the NL Central?

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The Latest

Breaking Down Brandon Crawford

The Cardinals filled a roster gap with yet another veteran player.

BREAKING: Cardinals Sign 3-Time All-Star Brandon Crawford

The Former World Series Champion Will Provide Crucial Infield Bench Depth for the Redbirds This Season

Adam Kloffenstein is your #15 prospect. Vote on the next prospect here.

He’s not mad, he’s just disappointed (you didn’t pick him earlier)

The Bullpen Picture

The Cardinals bullpen group looks strong with plenty of quality and interesting depth options.

2/24 Game Day Thread! Split Squad Cardinals vs. the Marlins & Mets

We have Cardinals baseball!

Do the Cardinals have enough to win the NL Central?

What would it take to trade for Dylan Cease?

Probably more than I suggest

St. Louis Cardinals Scores & Recaps

VEB Daily

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Hunt and Peck

Transaction Analysis

Welcome to Viva El Birdos

A handy guide to the site

Birdos in Brief: A Final Look at Payroll and A First Look at the Roster

The Cardinals are still below their 2023 Opening Day payroll total. And there’s only a few Spring competitions.

Birdos in Brief

Surviving in the Shadows

Which Cardinals are best at handling the shadow zone?

The New Pitch Pitchers

Three pitchers have new pitchers that could make a big difference in their performance

Players I’m Excited to Watch in Spring Training

With spring starting, there are a few players I’ll be keeping a close eye on.

Meet Me at Musial! (A Podcast Special)

J.P. joined Daniel Shoptaw on his podcast!

A Jordan Montgomery reunion all of the sudden seems more likely

Ian Bedell is your #14 prospect. Vote here on the #15 prospect

The Mizzou product lands on the top 10 for his first time.

VEB Podcast: Spring Training is Here! (And so is Skyric!)

The writing team celebrates Skyric’s return & previews the Cardinals’ 2024 Spring Training.

Tuesday Open Thread

The day is yours

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Fanpost Tuesday: Baseball, Heroism, & Masculinity

Leonardo Bernal is your #13 prospect. Vote here on the #14 prospect.

Finally a catcher lands on this list

How Major Projection Systems Feel About the Cardinals in 2024

ZIPS and PECOTA both project the Cardinals to win the NL Central this year.

Good Afternoon, Viva El Birdos!

Post some stuff.

Unpopular opinion: The Cardinals should have traded Paul Goldschmidt at last year’s deadline

Max Rajcic is your #12 prospect. Vote on the #13 prospect.

The Cardinals’ Minor League Pitcher of the Year takes the next spot on the list

Kyle Gibson is the Key to Making the Rotation Work

Venn diagrams, expectations, and variance.

Using Sinkers For Called Strikes

There’s more than one way for a pitcher to chase called strikes.

Won-Bin Cho is your #11 prospect. Vote on the 12th prospect.

Breaking Down Keynan Middleton

Keynan Middleton had a mini-breakout in 2023 following an overhaul of his pitch usage.


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