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Become a better catcher in ONE easy step! - A Hunt and Peck

Just like Yadier Molina did...

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2019 VEB Community Projections: Brett Cecil

The 60-day injured list is also a storage unit, and that’s where Brett Cecil is.

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So Mike Trout, eh? - A Hunt and Peck

He signed an extension.

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Paul Goldschmidt hit a big ole home run - A Hunt and Peck

His first of the spring.

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2019 Community Projections: Marcell Ozuna

Will the Big Bear awaken in 2019?

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St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training Guide: March 18-24

This is the final week of Spring Training, friends. You may now get excited.

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VEB Daily

St. Louis Cardinals Prospects

Viva El Birdos Top Prospects 2018

The Dexter Fowler Spring Experiment is Not Going Well

The Dexter Fowler of March 2019 looks a lot like the Dexter Fowler of 2018. And that is a problem.

Trickle-Down Economics

New opportunities are sweet. Leaving is for suckers.

2019 VEB Community Projections: Luke Gregerson

The righty has been historically good, but may not be healthy.

Welcome to Viva El Birdos

A handy guide to the site

MLB has some new got dang rules - A Hunt and Peck

Let’s discuss.

Historical Comps for the 2019 Cardinals

Which teams are most similar to this year’s Cardinals?

A hazy look at roster composition: The hitters

A mix of infielders and a breakout outfielder make filling out the bench a difficult task

Why are the Cardinals not making any moves to improve the rotation?

With the Carlos Martinez news, the Cards’ pitching plan should have changed. It does not appear to have changed.

A Jordan Hicks agreed to four-year contract with the Cardinals (in Arizona) - A Hunt and Peck

Because he is a linebacker.

The Cardinals Could Be in a Tough Spot With Jack Flaherty and Jordan Hicks

Two of the Cardinals’ young players have lodged personal protests against baseball’s economic system. What does that mean for the club’s future?

2019 VEB Community Projections: Miles Mikolas

I can see for Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles

2019 VEB Community Projections: Paul Goldschmidt

There’s a shiny new toy in the lineup.

Fact-checking Rob Manfred’s tanking claims

And a brief discussion on club competitiveness in present-day baseball

Cardinals renew contracts for Jack Flaherty and Jordan Hicks - A Hunt and Peck

It is not a huge deal, but let’s discuss it anyway.

2019 Community Projections: Matt Carpenter

Is that salsa on a multi-year deal?

2019 Draft Preview No. 3: Favourites Two — Playing the Hits

The author trots out hitters he likes very much, very far away from draft day.

St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training Guide: March 11-17

Spring Baseball is in the air!

Pitching Depth

What are the incentives and disincentives to adding an innings-eater?

Check out this old Reds scouting report on Albert Pujols - A Hunt and Peck

How did this scout do?

Birdos in Brief

2019 VEB Community Projections: Kolten Wong

We’ve seen multiple versions of Kolten Wong in his career. Which one will show up in 2019?

The Cardinals Front Office Must be More Aggressive this Season

The National League is the most competitive it’s been in years. Front office passivity won’t work if things go wrong.

Mic up all players - A Hunt and Peck

This is delightful.

2019 Community Projections: Michael Wacha

2019 could be a make or break season for Wacha

A hazy look at roster composition: The pitchers

Injuries and bullpen size make for a murky roster as Opening Day approaches

Meet the unknown players at Spring Training

Meet the Spring Training players who have virtually no shot at the MLB roster in 2019.

Should the MLB playoff system change? - A Hunt and Peck


2019 Community Projections: Jedd Gyorko

What will the first infielder off the bench do in 2019?


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