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Are Overpaid Relievers Just a Cardinals Problem?

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Cardinals Land 3 Prospects in Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects

Jordan Walker, Nolan Gorman, and Matthew Liberatore were all in the top 50.

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How Much of a Cardinal Were the Best Cardinals?

Or "Was Scott Rolen more Phillie or Cardinal, Albert Pujols more Cardinal or Angel, and is Keith Hernandez a Met or what?"

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VEB Daily

Transaction Analysis

Primer for the upcoming VEB Hall of Fame voting

Are you wondering how this will be executed? All your answers are in this article.

Nolan Arenado: 4 Stats that Matter

A 2021 Season in Review, 4 stats that matter looking forward, and projections for 2022.

Who is the Cardinals Worst Signing Since 2010?

The Cardinals have made a lot of bad signings since 2016, but one gets the edge over a series of regrettable bullpen reinforcements.

What do Arenado and Goldy need to do to make the Hall of Fame?

The Cardinals have two players who may make the Hall, but what do they have left to prove?

Welcome to Viva El Birdos

A handy guide to the site

Who Is the Cardinals Best Signing Since 2010?

The best player the Cardinals have signed in the last decade (plus two years) comes from the last World Series winning Redbirds team.

Saturday SOC: Resetting the Line for Hall of Fame Relievers

We consider the cases for Billy Wagner and Joe Nathan to try to establish who is and who isn’t a Hall of Fame reliever.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Spin Rates Don’t Matter for Sinkers

At least, maybe not as much as how that spin is applied.

Free Agent Profile: Collin McHugh

The righty reliever is under the radar but makes a lot of sense for the Cardinals

Birdos in Brief

MLB Lockout: Owners, Players Met on Thursday

A league-wide DH, expanded playoffs, free agency years, and a draft lottery were among the several topics touched on Thursday. Opening Day is just under 11 weeks away.

VEB community elects Walker, Jeter to Hall of Fame

Just two more people join the currently small Hall of Fame.

My 2022 Hall of Fame Ballot

I pretend to be a member of the BWAA and offer my "YES" votes on the Hall of Fame ballot.

Harrison Bader is King* - A Hunt and Peck

*of Mardi Gras

The Cardinals Are Overflowing With Hitting Prospects

8 of the Cardinals top 10 prospects are hitters. It is tough to find a role for all of them, but Gorman, Yepez, Nootbaar, and Donovan all appear to be part of the near future.

FA Profile: Carlos Rodon

Possibly the highest risk/reward of any free agent

Paul Goldschmidt’s New Approach

Saturday SOC: Fun ZiPS Notes from Dan Szymborski

A Stream of Consciousness look at a fun podcast from the two Ben’s at Cardinals Off Day and ZiPS creator Dan Szymborski.

Retrospective: The 1995-96 Cardinals Off-Season

It took one of the franchise’s best off-seasons to turn the 1995 squad into a 1996 contender. Walt Jocketty was up to the task.

VEB Community votes on the Hall of Fame - 2022

Would you like to decide who gets to make the Hall of Fame?

The 21 (+6) Best Articles of 2021 at Viva El Birdos

VEB writers came through in 2021. Here’s my 21 (+6) favorite articles from this past year.

Cardinals Milestones for Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina in 2022

With the pair entering the (probably) last year of their careers, a look at where can they move up the Cardinals’ all-time rankings.

Three trade proposals for three Athletics pitchers

Do you have any interest in Sean Manaea, Chris Bassitt, or Frankie Montas?

Manifesting Scott Rolen into the Hall of Fame - A Hunt and Peck

I’m trying something.

Nolan Gorman Should Not Be Rushed

Not only is Nolan Gorman a top prospect, but he may be the most important prospect in the Cardinals system. Because of this, he needs to spend more time in Triple-A and not be rushed to St. Louis.

A look back at “the Bartman game”

I found Bartman to be one of the least to blame for that inning.

How Will the Cardinals Offense Perform in 2022?

2021 was a tale of two halves. Will the Cardinals offense remain average next season or are the second half improvements real?

A look at a couple minor league deals signed in November

The Cardinals signed two players to minor league deals that are very similar.

Alex Reyes and Breaking Balls

VEB Open Thread - Christmas Day 2021 Edition