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Adam Wainwright will be a Cardinal in 2020 - A Hunt and Peck

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Considering Tommy Edman in the outfield

The Cardinals have positional should they use it to their advantage?

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Pick the Cardinals 2019 MVP

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VEB Daily

Transaction Analysis

Viva El Birdos is on FanPulse

We’re inviting members of this Cardinals-crazed community to join us in a polling project.

Kolten Wong being smooth AF for 1 minute and 15 seconds - A Hunt and Peck

aw yiss

Keep Watching Junior Fernandez

What’s in store after a stellar 2019?

The case against re-signing Marcell Ozuna

Assuming he declines the QO, I don’t think the Cards should re-sign him

Trimming the Fat

The Cardinals’ roster is at a strange crossroads right now. Subtraction could easily be addition this offseason.

Tommy Edman Is Real

The Cardinals just keep on making average big leaguers out of nothing.

Evaluating Daniel Ponce de Leon, 2020 Rotation Option

Regardless of how the off-season shakes out, it’s time to see what Ponce de Leon can do with more playing time.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Transaction Analysis 11/4: Cards QO Ozuna, Lose 4 players to Minor League Free Agency

Is Harrison Bader Broken?

Bader’s increasing struggle against breaking balls

Salaries Around the League: Part 3

Today, we look at the teams in the Cards’ divison, NL Central, and the NL West.

Anthony Rizzo Should Not Have Won the Gold Glove

In fact, he was likely the worst of the three finalists

David Ross, Mike Matheny and what makes a modern manager

There is a seismic shift going on in what a manager looks like, and the Cardinals are on the right side of the divide.

Welcome to Viva El Birdos

A handy guide to the site

Salaries Around the League: Part 2

Today, I look at the pre-offseason payrolls of the NL East and AL West.

Forecasting the 2020 depth chart

A look at the Cardinals roster heading into the offseason

Mike Shannon should be a Hall of Famer - A Hunt and Peck

Go Mike go!

Kolten Wong Takes Home Gold, But the Cardinals’ Whole Defense Deserves Attention

Kolten Wong won his first Gold Glove yesterday, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he was the only defensive star for the Cardinals this year.

Birdos in Brief

Reviewing the Cardinals Organization in 2019

The Nationals Blueprint

Real and fake ways the Cards can learn from DC

Transaction Analysis 11/1: Cards add 60-day IL Players, Outright J. Hudson and Lose Mayers to Angels

The return of Viva el Libros - A Hunt and Peck

Let’s read!

The Cardinal Fan’s Guide to the 2020 London Series

The Cardinals play the Cubs in London next season. Here’s what you need to know if you want to make the trip.

Transaction Analysis: Cards’ Free Agents off of the 40-man roster; 40-man now at 36

Baseball is OVER - A Hunt and Peck


Salaries Around the League: Part One

A quick look at the American League teams’ available payroll during free agency

Washington Nationals at Houston Astros - A World Series game seven thread for October 30, 2019

Game Seven

The World Series is going to a Game 7 - A Hunt and Peck


The Most Boring World Series Finally Brings Some Excitement — And a Game Seven

It wasn’t exactly the late inning dramatics we were probably hoping for, but I suppose it got the job done.

Can Paul Goldschmidt Bounce Back?