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VEB Podcast: Gordon Graceffo & Kyle Reis

The VEB writers, joined by Kyle Reis of Birds on the Black, interview Cardinals’ Minor League Pitcher of the Year, Gordon Graceffo.

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Super Podcast Weekend: Meet Me at Musial

I join Daniel Shoptaw on the Meet Me At Musial Podcast and we talk about ALL the things.

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12 players in St. Louis Cardinals organization are set to play in the World Baseball Classic - A Hunt and Peck

and possibly more to come?

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Vote on the Cardinals’ best prospect

Who is the Cardinals’ best prospect? You decide!

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VEB Daily

Hunt and Peck

Transaction Analysis

What to expect from Tyler O’Neill in 2023

Welcome to Viva El Birdos

A handy guide to the site

Will a ban on the shift impact the St. Louis Cardinals? - A Hunt and Peck

MLB’s got new rules

So Much Rests on Flaherty’s Shoulders

No one has more on the line in 2023 than Jack Flaherty. And no one can impact the Cardinals’ season more than Jack Flaherty.

Dexter Fowler announces his retirement - A Hunt and Peck

Happy retirement, Dex!

Catching Up on Cardinals News: An Open Thread

Broadcasters, bankruptcy, prospects, and awards were the highlights of the past week. Come catch up on all the news and discuss as you see fit.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Birdos in Brief

Watch Scott Rolen tell his parents he made the Hall of Fame - A Hunt and Peck

It is getting a little dusty in here.

Cards prospects to watch who could make 2023 MLB impact

Jordan Walker is the obvious one, but there are others.

What’s Next for Brendan Donovan

Let’s take a look at what’s next for Brendan Donovan after the OBP-maven had an outstanding rookie year with a unique skill set.

Using ZiPS to Rank the National League Contenders

ZiPS projections came out last week. Can we use them along with Depth Charts to project NL standings? Sure!

The rarest events in baseball (an open thread)

something to start your day!

Ken Boyer should be in the Hall of Fame

Now that Rolen is in, let’s focus our efforts on another 3b

Keep an eye out for Tink Hence

The young righty will be at Spring Training and you are going to want to watch him.

Rolen Called to the Hall of Fame & Chip Caray Calls Braves Games

It’s a BOGO article special!

Scott Rolen is a Hall of Famer

It’s been a long time coming, but very deserved

What’s Next for Zack Thompson?

I take a look at what Zack Thompson can do to improve after he established himself as the most reliable left-handed reliever in the bullpen last year.

A look back at the first ever top 10 Cardinals prospects

The first ever Baseball America Top 10 prospects produced a few future MLBers.

Prospects We May See in the Majors: Catchers

Willson Contreras is entrenched as the starter but there are still a few names that could help this year.

It’s Saturday! (An Open Thread)

You know what to do.

Takeaways from Cards ZiPS’ projections

Biggest winners? The position player depth and Jordan Montgomery

What to expect from Jordan Montgomery in 2023

Jordan Walker is about to be your favorite player

The Cardinals top prospect lights up the room

Deconstructing the Cardinals Offseason (with Payroll Updates & Rankings)

A look at update payroll, Mozeliak & DeWitt’s comments from the Winter Warm-Up, and what they say about the Cardinals’ offseason plan.

I had so much fun at Winter Warm-Up

I went to Winter Warm-Up for the first time and had a blast!

An Overview of the International Signing Class

The Cardinals added 17 players to the organization yesterday from 6 different countries.

There’s no reason to sign Trevor Bauer

The Cardinals won’t do it, but here’s a case against it anyway

Prospects We May See in the Majors: Outfielders

This is the Cardinals biggest area of depth with plenty of prospects jostling for opportunity.

VEB Podcast: John LaRue on Nootbaar, wES, and Your Questions

Former Birdo John LaRue joins the writing team to talk about Lars Nootbaar, a new pitching stat called wES, and answer your questions!