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Sorting out the 40 man roster

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2022 Payroll & Projected Budget

Where does the budget stand for 2022? Plus some predictions on what they might do.

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An homage to Mike Shildt, Cardinals Manager (2018-2021) and philosophical differences

I.... had... the time of my liiiife.

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VEB Daily

Transaction Analysis

The Effects of Jeff Albert

There has been much talk around Jeff Albert in relation to the firing of Mike Shildt. The Cardinals are right to commit to their hitting coach.

The real story on why Mike Shildt was fired

We have gotten audio tapes of what really happened.

How Much Should the Cardinals Rely on Youth in 2022?

Saturday SOC: Philosophical Differences, Consistency, and Cohesion

A stream-of-consciousness look at Mike Shildt’s dismissal, the front office’s operating philosophy, and how the organization is changing. (But into what?)

Welcome to Viva El Birdos

A handy guide to the site

Alex Reyes: A Tale of Two Halves

Yes, the walk rate was bad. But that’s not the only issue Reyes faced in 2021.

Shildt, Out of Luck

In a surprising move, the Cardinals have decided to search for a new manager

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants - An NLDS Game 5 thread

Watch and talk about the deciding game 5!

The Cardinals Have Fired Mike Shildt

Birdos in Brief

Adam Wainwright shines in broadcast booth - A Hunt and Peck

He is all grown up and annoucing baseball games!

Should the Cardinals Extend Mike Shildt?

Manager Mike Shildt has one more season on his contract but the club is already talking extension. Should they do it?

Evaluating Alex Reyes’ Starting Rotation Candidacy

The former top prospect could become a solid starter when he eventually enters the rotation, but he likely needs another season before he is ready to take such a step.

There are still elimination games to be played — VEB... at night

Here is a clean thread for you!

A Farewell for the departing Cardinals

A few players are locks to not be with the Cardinals next year. I thought I’d say an early goodbye before they officially become free agents.

What is Next for Juan Yepez?

The talented 23-year-old was named to the Wild Card roster, but he has a murky path to playing time in 2022.

Saturday SOC: Final Thoughts on the WC, Early Thoughts on the Offseason

Some stream of consciousness on Shildt’s Wild Card bullpen management and some early thoughts on offensive additions (or the lack thereof)

The Quiet End of an Era

Matt Carpenter and Carlos Martinez have likely played their last games as Cardinals. Let’s acknowledge their great careers in St. Louis.

Who to Root for in the Playoffs Now

And some umpire complaints

St. Louis’ Season Ends with 3-1 Loss in Wild Card Game

The Redbirds’ pitching staff did all they could to keep the game alive, but a lack of timely hitting and a potent Dodgers team proved to be too much to overcome in the NL Wild Card.

St. Louis Cardinals at Los Angeles Dodgers - Wild Card Game Overflow Thread

Wild Card Game Rosters: Cards Add Yepez, DFA Elledge

St. Louis Cardinals at Los Angeles Dodgers - A Wild Card Play-In game thread for October 6, 2021

game one of one

Looking at the Cardinal - Dodger Matchup

Previewing tonight’s Wild Card game.

Win with Waino or “All Hands on Deck”?

Wainwright is the Cards’ ace and workhorse. Can Shildt let him pitch his way to a loss? Or should he be aggressive with the bullpen?

VEB Open Thread - Wild Card Wednesday, 10/06/21

New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox - An American League Wild Card Play-In game thread for October 5, 2021

game 1 of 1

How Well Do Hot Teams Fare in the Playoffs?

Both the Cardinals and the Dodgers were hot to end the year, albeit to different levels. This does not appear to give either team an advantage, although the Cardinals’ second half changes make them more than the typical average team that peaked at the right time.

Two Brothers, a Ballgame, and a Historic Streak

"It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball."

Mike Shannon has signed off (¡Viva el Moon Man!)

Get up, baby!