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Thoughts on current free agent bonanza

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Should the Cardinals have looked at Marcus Semien?

A turkey-induced daydream and probably a bad idea.

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The Cardinals Are Chasing Sinkers, and That Is Nothing New

Some teams have moved away from sinkerballers, but the Cardinals are priortizing them in their search for pitching.

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VEB Daily

Transaction Analysis

VEB Thanksgiving Weekend Thread

Meet newest Cardinal Steven Matz

Who is Steven Matz?

Anthropomorphizing Thanksgiving Dishes as Cardinals Players

What if the main courses of your Thanksgiving dinner played for the Cardinals?

Cardinals Ink Starter Steven Matz to Four-Year Deal

The lefty’s deal is worth $44 million.

Welcome to Viva El Birdos

A handy guide to the site

The Benefits of Moving Quickly in Free Agency

With an upcoming lockout, aggressive teams may benefit the most.

Did pitchers become fatigued at the end of the season?

The numbers show September as one of the worst ERAs by the majors. Is this normal or a blip?

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Adam Wainwright, One-seam Sinkers, and Seam-shifted Wake

How Wainwright changed his repertoire for 2021, and why it’s interesting in the broader context of baseball today.

The Cardinals’ Strong Start to the Winter

Adding both minor league depth and upside is a great start to the winter.

Birdos in Brief

Rule 5: Cards Protect Three, Leave Familiar Names Exposed

The Cardinals added 3 players to their 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 draft.

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Adam Wainwright received Cy Young votes - A Hunt and Peck

Almost more noteworthy if he doesn’t.

Free Agent Profile: Marcus Stroman

Baseball’s most Cardinally pitcher who hasn’t Cardinalled (yet?)

The Cardinals do not need a bat

They have much bigger problems at pitching

Dylan Carlson: Three Half Seasons

In three "half seasons" of stats, Carlson has shown consistency and growth in key stats. There’s every reason to be encouraged about his future.

What to Do With Alex Reyes and Jordan Hicks

The Cardinals are discussing Reyes and Hicks as potential starters. There are other options for them.

The St. Louis Cardinals name their coaching staff - A Hunt and Peck

Here they are.

FA Spotlight: Robbie Ray

A look at one of the top starting pitchers on the market

Tyler Matzek, Rick Ankiel, and the Science Behind the Yips

Come to read the article, stay for the Rick Ankiel highlights.

Adjustments for Johan Oviedo

Besides improved command, a batter fastball and a better fastball strategy could make a world of difference for the promising right-hander.

Saturday SOC: News and Notes

Some stream-of-consciousness commentary on payroll, early offseason moves, rumors, and the owners’ first CBA proposal.

The Cardinals will consider Jordan Hicks and Alex Reyes as potential starters - A Hunt and Peck

"Headlines from 2018"

Free Agent Profile: Nick Martinez

In a deep pitching market, the Cardinals may once again dip into Asia for pitching help

Who is the next underrated Cardinal?

Cardinals fans always seem to underrate a Cardinal - Carpenter was once one such player - who’s next in line?

Cardinals Defense: 5 Gold Gloves But Not the Best DEF Team of the ERA

We revisit the DEF rankings for the best Cardinals defensive teams over the last 50 years to see where the 2021 team finished.

The Cardinals Free Agent Pitching Strategy

Profiling potential free agent fits for the Cardinals pitching staff.

Adam Wainwright is going to spend Thanksgiving with Yadier Molina - A Hunt and Peck

The best boys.

FA Spotlight: Max Scherzer

Should the Cardinals sign the former Mizzou pitcher and St. Louis native?

Tyler O’Neill’s Aggressive Approach Optimizes His Value

By relentlessly hunting pitches in his wheelhouse, O’Neill has reduced his strikeout rate and made more hard contact. This has unlocked his value at the plate.

Checking in on the Arizona Fall League

A quick summary of how some of the Baby Birds are doing in the Grand Canyon State.