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The Cardinals have made some roster decisions - A Hunt and Peck

Two pitchers were designated for assignment.

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40 Man Roster Predictions

The Cardinals will set their 40 man at some point today. Here are predictions

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How do prodigies age?

What to expect going forward from this winter’s long-term free agents

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Cardinals announce return of “Victory Blues” - A Hunt and Peck

An interesting, albeit unsurprising announcement.

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The Offseason Trade Chip Roundup

Combing through the Cardinal roster, looking for players who might be on the move this winter.

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Arizona Fall League Round-Up

A look back at what happened in the desert.

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Hunt and Peck

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VEB Daily

St. Louis Cardinals Prospects

Viva El Birdos 2018 Top Cardinals Prospects

Apples to Apples

The quickest of looks at the Rule 5 Draft - A Hunt and Peck


What does the new Fox/MLB TV deal mean for us?

Fox and MLB agreed to a new seven-year $5.1B deal on Wednesday, along with some streaming rights as well

Welcome to Viva El Birdos

A handy guide to the site

Full Contact Drills

Lessons from three analytically inclined teams

So are the Victory Blue uniforms returning? - A Hunt and Peck

We find out November 19.

The Evolution of Brebbia’s Beard

Getting inside the brain behind the beard.

Can the Cardinals improve on Paul DeJong at short?

A look through the alternative options at short

What should we call John Brebbia’s new facial hair? - A Hunt and Peck

It has me stumped.

The History of Cardinal Top Draft Picks, 2005-2011

Looking back at the history of Cardinal first-round draft picks, beginning with the Jeff Luhnow era.

Bryce Harper’s value goes well beyond the field

Bryce Harper is the biggest celebrity in baseball, and friends, that has value.

Yadier Molina knows one way to end a rundown - A Hunt and Peck

At least, when he is the runner.

Birdos who served - A Veterans Day Hunt and Peck

Free Agent Focus: Three Second-Tier Options

Taking a look at three players on the free agent market this offseason, and what sort of fit each might have on the Cardinals of 2019.

VEB Staff Picks MLB Awards

From MVP to Cy Young to Rookie of the Year and for some reason we also pick the Manager of the Year.

Would the Cubs really trade Kris Bryant? - A Hunt and Peck

Are you not entertained?

Why Nick Markakis shouldn’t be an option for the Cardinals

The almost 35 year old is coming off one of the best seasons of his long career, but the Cards should stay away

The Off-Season Smörgåsbord

There are a lot of items the Cardinals can grab off the buffet over the next 3.5 months.

Yadier Molina hits a RBI double, scores in Japan Series - A Hunt and Peck

Cardinals pitcher John Brebbia is also participating in the series.

Birdos in Brief

Arizona’s other corner infielder

Paul Goldschmidt may get the most mentions, but Jake Lamb is the better fit.

An Appreciation of Greg Garcia

The utility man was very good for the role he had

Andrew Miller? Bryce Harper? Rumors! Intrigue! - A Hunt and Peck


Looking at the Mariners Ahead of a Possible Fire Sale

Seattle may be hitting the reset button sooner than expected. Should the Cardinals be looking to make a deal?

Mommy, Daddy, where do relief pitchers come from?

When a baseball team and an ex-starter put on waivers love each other very much...

The BBWAA Awards finalists are in and there are no Cardinals - A Hunt and Peck

Not saying there should be, just stating a fact.

Who Should Have Won Gold Gloves?

A look at who was picked and who really deserved it.

Viva El Birdos Community Free Agent Rankings

Get out and vote today. Then go into hiding while you vote on which free agents are best.


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