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What We Learned at the Winter Meetings

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The Winter Meetings Were Awesome... Eventually

I went to the winter meetings. I was worried it would be all about the economics of the game. What follows is a rambling description of how my worries were unfounded.

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Conner Capel is Growing with the Cardinals

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VEB Daily

Transaction Analysis

Viva El Birdos is on FanPulse

We’re inviting members of this Cardinals-crazed community to join us in a polling project.

A Modern Look at the Drew-Wainwright Trade on its Sixteenth Anniversary

Sixteen years ago today, the Cardinals and Braves completed a blockbuster trade. How does it look using modern analysis?

Cards Lose Two and Pick Three in Minor League Portion of the Rule 5 Draft

Michael Wacha is a Met - A Hunt and Peck


2020 Payroll and Spending Trends

Cardinals payroll is already over $160M but the club insists it will add payroll for the right opportunity.

Free Agent Spotlight: Dallas Keuchel, Wade Miley

Two soft-tossing lefties for two very different expected contracts

The Cardinals did not acquire Nomar Mazara - A Hunt and Peck

The White Sox were able to swing a deal with the Rangers.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Will Ted Simmons get a statue or a retired number?

Now that he’s a Hall of Famer, will the Cardinals bestow upon the great catcher one of their more sacred honors?

Some Cardinals Winter Meetings content - A Hunt and Peck


Might Adam Wainwright Pitch Out of the Bullpen in 2020?

Carlos Martínez hopes to be a starter in 2020 - A Hunt and Peck

viva el gallo

Ted Simmons finally makes the Hall of Fame

The catcher had long been snubbed by the Hall of Fame.

Welcome to Viva El Birdos

A handy guide to the site

The 2020 Viva El Birdos Top Prospects List: The Just-Missed List, Pt. 2

Continuing on with some more intriguing talents who didn’t quite make the big list.

Who Might the Cardinals lose in the Rule 5 Draft?

I Think the Cardinals Should: Trade for Joc Pederson

The Dodgers slugger is potentially on the block. Should the Cardinals pursue him?

Tommy Pham Returns, Then and Now

Yikes, Cardinals fans. Yikes.

Birdos in Brief

Carlson and Rondon named Cardinals Minor League Players of the Year

Evaluating Cardinals and Free Agent Pitchers Using Called Strikes and Whiffs

What can called strike and whiff rate (CSW) tell us about the Cardinals and this year’s free agent class?

The Cardinals, Madison Bumgarner, and You - A Hunt and Peck

Will MadBum be a Cardinal in 2020?

Trading Starters & Acquiring Relievers

Revisiting Recent Cardinals Trades Can Provide Insight on Future Trades, part 2.

Free Agent Spotlight: Hyun-Jin Ryu

Should the Cardinals sign the Cy Young candidate?

The Importance of Starting Pitching Depth

Cardinals tender John Gant a contract - A Hunt and Peck

And that is important.

The Cardinals need to stop bidding against themselves

Fear of the open market cost the team a lot of money in 2019.

The 2020 Viva El Birdos Top Prospects List: The Just-Missed List, Pt. 1

The top prospects list is back again, beginning with those who landed on the outside, looking in.

Viva El Libros: The Glory of Their Times...

The Story of the Early Days of Baseball Told by the Men Who Played It

Free Agent Spotlight: Madison Bumgarner

Should the Cardinals sign Madison Bumgarner?

Blocked Prospects & Prospect Blockers

Revisiting Recent Cardinals Trades Can Provide Insight on Future Trades.