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*2014 VEB Community Projections: Shelby Miller


Fun fact: I could make the claim "Shelby Miller literally only throws four-seam fastballs" and not be that far from the truth! Indeed, Shelby throws his four-seamer a whopping 73.6% of the time,...

*2014 VEB Community Projections: Jaime Garcia


I... really have no idea how much Jaime Garcia is going to pitch in 2014. After having surgery on a torn labrum back in May, he is, by all accounts, healthy and painless going into Spring...

*2014 VEB Community Projections: Michael Wacha


For a player with only 170.2 professional innings under his belt, Michael Wacha feels remarkably known. By all means, he has height, poise, a can-do demeanor, and a signature offspeed pitch to...

How to Find the VEB Daily Daily Discussion Thread


We're posting about four posts per day (and sometimes more), so I wanted to make sure that folks knew how to find the 'VEB Daily' discussion thread from amongst the multiple posts.

*2014 VEB Community Projections: Lance Lynn


Lance Lynn is a very good, above-average pitcher. In just over 400 innings pitched in his career, he's been worth 6.5 WAR. With 9.12 strikeouts per nine innings, he strikes out a lot of batters...

2014 VEB Community Projections: Adam Wainwright


Two years removed from Tommy John surgery, at the age of 31, Adam Wainwright just had the best year of his career. While his K% of 22.9% hovered more or less around the average of his last three...

2014 VEB Community Projections: Jhonny Peralta


I remember auto-drafting Jhonny Peralta in a fantasy league back in 2005, when he hit .292/.366/.520 with 24 HR and marveling at how great those numbers were. I also remember drafting him with a...

2014 VEB Community Projections: Oscar Taveras


Oscar Taveras is another player hard to project. It's hardly a guarantee that he sees time in the Majors at all this year, and he's coming off an injury-marred stint in AAA where he only took 186...

2014 VEB Community Projections: Peter Bourjos


I'm going to be completely honest: I have no idea what we're going to be getting out of Peter Bourjos offensively. These are his wRC+ over the four years of his career spanning ages 23-26: 65,...

2014 VEB Community Projections: Jon Jay


It's actually surprising to me how not-terrible Jon Jay was last year. Sure, his BABIP regressed like a lot of people expected, but he didn't lose power and he even improved his walk rate from...

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