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VEBDAY 2014: Details and Sign-up

Hello! Let's get together and watch some baseball!

2014 VEB Projections Results: Jaime Garcia

For once, VEB comes out on the pessimistic side of projections. We have the lowest K/9, highest BB/9, and the 2nd highest ERA (after ZiPS). We seem to have a more pessimistic view (and, given his...

*2014 VEB Projections Results: Joe Kelly

Again, all the pitcher projections are actually pretty close to one another, even with the differences in Innings Pitched projections. That makes sense, given Joe Kelly's questionable role (though...

2014 VEB Projections Results: Michael Wacha

It's really surprising to me that VEB isn't the most optimistic projection for Michael Wacha. With the emotional aspect of it, given his playoff success, I would have figured that the VEB fans...

*2014 VEB Projections Results: Shelby Miller

So small sample size and all of that, but it seems like VEB's projections for pitchers track the professional projections systems much closer than the hitter projections. K/9 are similar, BB/9 are...

*2014 VEB Projections Results: Lance Lynn

All of the projections are... remarkably similar for Lance Lynn. VEB is a little bit optimistic on wins, but other than that, everything is almost spot on with each other. As usual, PECOTA's the...

2014 VEB Projections Results: Adam Wainwright

As expected with a player with a lot of experience, there isn't very much variance in the projections for Adam Wainwright. What is interesting to me is how different projections are similar in...

2014 VEB Projections Results: Jhonny Peralta

For a player with so much variance in his performance year-to-year, there actually isn't a ton of difference in his projections. His average ranges from .253-.276, his OBP ranges from .313-.333,...

*2014 VEB Projection Results: Oscar Taveras

I'm actually astounded at how VEB is not overly optimistic on Oscar Taveras, at least in comparison with the projections sytems. Sure, we still come out on top in terms of OPS and wOBA, but not by...


*2014 VEB Projections Results: Peter Bourjos

Hey, all of the projections are really, really close to each other! The spread in OPS only ranges for .689 to .738 and the spread in wOBA only ranges from .305 to .321. For the first time, ZiPS...

*2014 VEB Projections Results: Jon Jay

Hey, VEB isn't the most optimistic projection! Indeed, Steamer (who, again, is the most optimistic of the projections), comes in with a .745 OPS and .329 wOBA projection while the VEB collective...

2014 VEB Projections Results: Kolten Wong

It's interesting to look at the projection systems on this one, because there looks to be two different camps: Oliver and PECOTA are both really pessimistic on Wong, seeing OPSes around .670 and...

2014 VEB Projections Results: Mark Ellis

Mark Ellis is an interesting case for VEB, because most of don't know that much about him. I've never watched more than 30-40 PAs of his over a season, and I have no idea how good or bad or young...

2014 VEB Projections Results: Matt Holliday

Given that Holliday is one of the most seasoned players that we projected, it shouldn't be a surprised that there is a relatively small spread among the projection systems. VEB is more optimistic,...

*Viva El Birdos Community Top 20 Prospects

The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here! I'm somebody now! Millions of people look at this book everyday! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity - your name in PRINT - that MAKES people! - Navin R. Johnson, The Jerk

*2014 Projections Results: Matt Carpenter

We're really bullish on Matt Carpenter, you guys. It makes a lot of sense as to why. He's coming off a gigantic 2013 where he was the best second basemen in baseball. Many of us have been...

*2014 Projections Results: Matt Adams

There is actually very little variance in the rate stats predicted for Matt Adams. VEB projected an average of .275, while the others projected between .265 and .270. VEB projected an OBP of...

*2014 VEB Projection Results: Allen Craig

I'll give you one guess as to what stat VEB most outguessed the projections systems. It wasn't PAs, where VEB was below two of them (though Oliver projects 600 for all players). It wasn't runs or...

*2014 VEB Projection Results: Yadier Molina

It's probably not a surprise that VEB is more bullish on Yadier Molina than the rest of the projection systems. VEB's projected OPS of .820 is 35 points higher than Steamer's .785, and VEB's...

*2014 VEB Community Projections: Joe Kelly

Give or take about a strikeout every nine innings and a couple of percentage points of ground balls, and Joe Kelly is basically Jake Westbrook. They are groundball pitchers (Kelly's 51.4% to...

*2014 VEB Community Projections: Shelby Miller

Fun fact: I could make the claim "Shelby Miller literally only throws four-seam fastballs" and not be that far from the truth! Indeed, Shelby throws his four-seamer a whopping 73.6% of the time,...

*2014 VEB Community Projections: Jaime Garcia

I... really have no idea how much Jaime Garcia is going to pitch in 2014. After having surgery on a torn labrum back in May, he is, by all accounts, healthy and painless going into Spring...

*2014 VEB Community Projections: Michael Wacha

For a player with only 170.2 professional innings under his belt, Michael Wacha feels remarkably known. By all means, he has height, poise, a can-do demeanor, and a signature offspeed pitch to...

How to Find the VEB Daily Daily Discussion Thread

We're posting about four posts per day (and sometimes more), so I wanted to make sure that folks knew how to find the 'VEB Daily' discussion thread from amongst the multiple posts.

*2014 VEB Community Projections: Lance Lynn

Lance Lynn is a very good, above-average pitcher. In just over 400 innings pitched in his career, he's been worth 6.5 WAR. With 9.12 strikeouts per nine innings, he strikes out a lot of batters...

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