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Tony La Russa Heading Back To His Bay Area Home (Photo)

Article chronicling the life that Tony La Russa will be living as he exits St. Louis and moves back to the Bay Area on a permanent basis. Includes photo and information regarding his 7,481 square foot home and details involving La Russa’s passion for bettering the lives of animals.

Man Stew 2011 vs the Injury Bug

I laughed. I cried. I don't buy into the narrative, personally, but here are a pile of anecdotes from the Better Living Through Team Chemistry edition of the Cardinals. For instance: And Batista is explaining how they called a team meeting this year simply for backup catcher Gerald Laird to show off his new dance, "The Wetsuit." ...watching a John Wayne movie in his office?! Unbelievable.

Holliday Wins DK Award; Albert and Waino Co-MenO'TheYear

Oh yeah, and we're doing what we always do, Pinky: roast Tony La Russa. "The major award winners are all confirmed to be in attendance. Pujols and pitcher Adam Wainwright will be honored as co-Men of the Year, both having finished second in the MVP and Cy Young award voting, respectively. Matt Holliday will receive the Darryl Kile Award, which is voted on by teammates and will be presented by last year's winner, Skip Schumaker. Also scheduled to receive recogniitions or awards are Jaime Garcia, Yadier Molina, Houston center fielder Michael Bourn, and the Cardinals' two organizational players of the year, Shelby Miller and Matt Carpenter." Matt Carpenter doesn't have an SBN tag. Is he real?

Goold on the State of the Cardinals

Goold on Kevin Goldstein's podcast about the TLR-Rasmus issue and a general state of the Cardinals.

Top Five: Tony La Russa Clubhouse Rifts

More Colby Rasmus talk and another overflow thread, for all your 3 AM discussion needs.

Chris Carpenter’s resurrection & his peculiar approach to autographs

Article chronicling Chris Carpenter’s tremendous success in St. Louis, compared to his utter mediocrity in Toronto. Included is video displaying Carpenter’s recent interaction with fans in San Francisco and the very bizarre way in which he sign autographs.

Audio of Losing Pitcher Joe Mather et al

The Globe-Democrat's game report includes audio from * Albert Pujols * Blake Hawksworth * Brendan Ryan * Jaime Garcia * Kyle Lohse * Losing pitcher Joe Mather * Tony La Russa Here's the Post-Dispatch (link will expire). Here's the Mothership. * Pre-game notes (see Lopez's quote) * Historical * Position players on the mound * Post-game Here's Fox with some quotes and color. Goold's scorecard book before the position players pitched. Leach's photo of the 19th inning crowd.

Blake Hawksworth Blog Coming from Inside the House

It's like Hawks (GAWWstab!) were commenting to VEB! Except he's blogging for the Globe-Democrat. On staying hungry, Tony remembering his name, the new signings, the coming season, texting everyone in the Man Stew, and the Winter Warmup. (Not his actual terms.) Don't miss the previous entries with gems like ugly sweaters and fantasy handegg.

Pujols wins MLBPA NL Outstanding Player on Mike and Mike

Audio of Albert Pujols accepting his award. The maching talks some shop re: trying to hit Cliff Lee's pitching. Props to fellow offensive performers, our own badass starters, and Tony La Russa and Mark McGwire.

Carpenter Wins MLBPA NL Comeback honor on Mike and Mike

Audio of Chris Carpenter on Mike and Mike on ESPN. Covers the comeback; the postseason; props to the teammates; Tony La Russa; and Mark McGwire. Also lists his hometown charity. Next day: http://www.vivaelbirdos.com/2009/10/28/1104673/wainwright-wins-mlbpa-nl

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