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fickle finger of fate


five days ago i flew down to mexico to attend a wedding. i didn’t think about baseball much while i was down there; drank mojitos all day, laid around in the sun and collected shells w/ my kids,...



tony has left wainwright out on a limb a few times already this year and got away with it, but sooner or later it was bound to cost him; only a matter of time. the times that it worked: april...

this that and the other


lot to talk about in that game, and wouldn’t you know --- i’m in a big hurry, heading out very early this morning on a two-day trip. (in fact, i’m already well down the road as you read this). so...

closer calls


heads up from will carroll: he’ll have an interview today with cards’ assistant gm john abbamondi on Baseball Prospecus radio. you can download the show here. last night’s game . . . . . where to...

busted inside


too bad they couldn’t cash in that bit of luck in the 7th inning, ie the bases-loaded single that hit the baserunner; you don’t get many gifts like that in a season. if it goes through, the reds...

. . . . . and we're back


the entire SB Nation network was down for 7 hours yesterday; i picture cables unraveling, servers liquifying, IT dudes fanning the smoke and flame away as they peer into their flat screens. the...

Saturday, 19th April Discussion/Game Thread- Blowout Thoughts


  Lincecum Piñeiro 2-0, 2.25 0-1, 14.73 First off, I want to thank Lboros for covering for me on Wednesday.  I greatly appreciate the helping hand, Lb.  You made a very...

13 down


good discussion going over in Hardcore Legend’s FanPost about the cards’ search for a cleanup hitter --- ~50 comments and counting. a number of the commenters commended HL for the depth of the...

fists of fury


Q: what’s the downside of the 5-1 start? A: last night’s game thread. the cards’ unexpectedly good start has raised everybody’s expectations, which in turn raises the piss-n-moan factor when the...

I Will Ruin this Blog With my Anger!


Morning, everybody. Here's Anthony Reyes' line from yest, erday. 6IP,0R,0ER,3H,1BB,2K Here are a couple of comments following that performance. Per Matthew Leach: "For me, it was a real...

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