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Freeman:Blazers Damian Lillard and Meyers Leonard form a quick bond on court and off


A nice story about Lillard and Leonard developing a bond in their first weeks as Blazers. A nice read.

Sure, It's Just "Chemistry," But I Like Our Attitude


Here's the quote from the piece that made my morning: "If you're going to miss, miss in. I'm not going to miss over the plate."- Jonathan Sanchez He's absolutely right. We could've used some of this kind attitude from 1995-2010. Seriously. I think that toughness matters. Establishing the inside of the plate is important (and so is not issuing BBs, Sanchez). Perhaps when you have more people standing up for each other this way, you'll have more sacrifices, moving runners over, and not swinging for yourself too? I hope so. - TL

Joakim Noah


I hate him with the heat of a thousand fiery suns.

The Great Jump Rope Ambush


There was once a great battle won during a Golden Age long past. An Age when kids played Smear The Queer in front yards in full view of and with the sanction of adults; BB gun fights were routinely...

Michael Lewis: The No-Stats All Star


I'm a great fan of Michael Lewis and own all of his books, with Liar's Poker, The Blind Side, and Moneyball among my all-time favorites. He's a sharp writer and social commentator and I imagine a...

St. Louis Cardinals: Which Came First, the Good Chemistry or the Winning?


Which Came First, the Good Chemistry or the Winning?

Scroll to Bottom and Read The Marshall and Henne Bond


It's important for a bond to be there. Well this shows you that they are becoming friends. Maybe they will start clicking, our o-line will "Gel" as they say, and our defense will play. Here is to the PHINS!!

The Chemistry Experiment


This story paints the upcoming season for the Cubs as a grand experiment in valuing clubhouse chemistry over paint-by-numbers talent. The team is essentially the same sans a poor-performing Milton Bradley. Silva has performed much better than expected this spring, and is healthy. Of course that complicates my "chemistry experiment" line of thought, somewhat. If Silva performs as an even slightly-better-than-average 5th starter, that outweighs the contributions of what was subtracted. Then again, his addition to the team would've decreased any win projections for the club because his recent history indicates a worse addition than the subtraction of Bradley. Projections aside, the players quoted in this article cite clubhouse energy/enthusiasm as an important factor---players pulling for each other as a vector for increased on-the-field performance. I'm thinking that any chemical addition-by-subtraction argument might only be made in terms of offense since Byrd probably projects as a wash with even an average Bradley. But if the team's offensive numbers improve, then maybe there's something to this whole "chemistry thing." - TL

2008-09 US Yearbook: Pairs Edition


The second part of the 2008-09 Yearbook takes a look at the American pair crop. The American pairs are becoming that kid in class who the teacher just couldn't reach, although she or he had such...

Offensive Line Experience Counts - Huskers Have It, Kansas Doesn't


Nebraska has a significant edge on offensive line experience compared to Kansas - the most likely contender for the Big 12 North title.

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