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Albert Pujols and his poor PR approach


I wrote a blog post for my PR class and thought some of you might be interested. A lot of it has boring stuff (at least, to us VEBers - because not everyone in my class is a baseball fan or knows a lot about the game), but it might bring up some interesting discussion. Feel free to comment or add constructive criticism on here.

Albert's Dream


This is what really happened!

What happens if the Marlins sign Albert Pujols


An interesting and informative article on how next season would play out in this scenario.

Chris Carpenter’s resurrection & his peculiar approach to autographs


Article chronicling Chris Carpenter’s tremendous success in St. Louis, compared to his utter mediocrity in Toronto. Included is video displaying Carpenter’s recent interaction with fans in San Francisco and the very bizarre way in which he sign autographs.

Albert Pujols quiet, yet dedicated to Cards fans


This article and videos display the professional, yet understated manner exhibited by Albert Pujols, both on the field and in his interaction with fans. He clearly understands his responsibility to the Cardinals and the game of baseball.

Video of Albert and Mac talking about hitting


This is amazing to see the two of these guys break down hitting. So this is what it's like to be AJ Pujols!

Who was the best defensive 1B of the decade? One guess.


Shocker, it's the Mang. MGL over at THE BOOK blog has Pujols as the top 1st baseman in terms of runs saved (UZR). Pujols #1 - suck it John Olerud.

Pujols wins MLBPA NL Outstanding Player on Mike and Mike


Audio of Albert Pujols accepting his award. The maching talks some shop re: trying to hit Cliff Lee's pitching. Props to fellow offensive performers, our own badass starters, and Tony La Russa and Mark McGwire.

Pujols is awesome


At Beyond the Boxscore, Justin put together an awesome piece looking at the best first baseman of all time. Pujols is already 10th, and is on pace to be the best ever. And that doesn't even consider the change in league quality.

Scary news via Strauss on Twitter


Well, some great news coming through the feed.. -------------------------- JoeStrauss: Albert arrived at clubhouse around noon today. Exhausted from A-S frenzy. Did not come on field. Experiencing "mild stiffness." #stlcards 43 minutes ago from web Ankiel yet to see docs re: right shoulder. Still developing ------------- If Ankiel has had this nagging issue for weeks, why hasn't something been done? Is this another issue of ownership/management not reporting an injury issue, or has Ankiel just been keeping quiet? Even though he's not that great at hitting when he's healthy, one could argue that this problem should have been obvious, if not to us then to someone from the team. Also, if he's had several days off now, why hasn't this been looked at yet? Isn't the All-Star break the time of year to look at this stuff and start to fix it? Also, Albert reporting any sort of discomfort is scary by itself. The fact that it has already been mentioned makes me hope this doesn't blossom into something worse. Eek.

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