St. Louis Cardinals Trades

St. Louis Cardinals trade rumors and analysis.

*Reflecting on the Cardinals trade deadline deals

It is time for some early reflection and discussion on the two deadline deals.

Trade Rumors: Cardinals might make another deal

Will the Redbirds part with Shelby Miller or Stephen Piscotty for more pitching?

*Justin Masterson: Low-hanging pie

Meet Justin Masterson. I think you are going to like him.

Breaking: Cardinals trade Ramsey for Masterson


Sources indicated the Cardinals have traded AA outfielder James Ramsey for Cleveland pitcher Justin Masterson.

Are the 2014 Cards worth betting on with a trade?

With so many question marks surrounding the Cardinals, should general manager John Mozeliak even make a trade?

The contracts of potential Cards' trade targets

A breakdown of the contracts belonging to some of the Cardinals' potential trade targets.

*St. Louis Cardinals Trade Rumors: Cole Hamels

News emerged Monday evening that the Cardinals were among a couple of teams interested in trading for Cole Hamels after word got out that he was being made available by the Philadelphia Phillies.

As trade deadline nears, Cards focus on pitching

With a week to go, the Cardinals are prioritizing an upgrade to the rotation.

Who is the Cardinals' 'big' mystery trade target?

Ye Olde Rumour Mill is pumping out gossip about potential trades without even naming names.

STL Cardinals Trade Rumors: Giancarlo Stanton


Though the asking price would be enormous, the addition of Giancarlo Stanton would likely make the Cardinals a clear World Series favorite in 2014.


Trade Targets: Minor Moves


Over the past couple of weeks, I've looked at who the Cardinals could target in the pitching and position player markets that would be considered "Holliday Tier"-type moves, per Craig's excellent...

St. Louis Cardinals Trade Rumors: Kurt Suzuki?


What to do about that Yadiless feeling.

Will the Cards admit a mistake by making a trade?

If the Cardinals were to trade Allen Craig or Peter Bourjos, it would an admission that the front office made a mistake in its player evaluation.

Cards' trade priorities are not mutually exclusive

St. Louis is focused on adding offense, but is also exploring the pitching market.

Cardinals reportedly have interest in Jake Peavy

The Cardinals have reportedly sent scouts to assess Red Sox righty Jake Peavy, but would the one-time ace who has aged into a mediocrity be any sort of upgrade?

Trade Targets: Impact Position Players


The position player market is as thin as I can remember it being in at least a decade, mostly because so few teams are completely out of the playoff race as we enter July. The Cardinals are also...

Trade Targets Not Named David or Clifton

The two guys mentioned in the headline have gotten most of the trade scuttlebutt around VEB lately and for good reason: They're two of the best pitchers in baseball over the last five seasons. But...

*The Cardinals and David Price


The trade deadline is still weeks away and the Cardinals are a team of few needs. If they are to make any move, the player coming to the Cardinals needs to make a significant impact. Only David...

What could the Cardinals get in a Kozma trade?

The Cardinals have reportedly placed 2012's flash in the pan on the trade block.

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