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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Week

For when you want to fight someone.

Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

Bob Davidson just got put on my list.

*Cardinals extend Carpenter: 6 years, $52 million

The deal guarantees Carpenter $52 million over six years, but a club option could see it reach seven years in length and $70.5 million in total salary.

Jaime Garcia Headed to St. Louis for Shoulder Exam

Jaime Garcia, expected to participate fully in Spring Training, is heading back to St. Louis for an MRI and examination on his shoulder. Garcia's season ended prematurely last year due to shoulder surgery last May.

2014 Draft Preview Zero

The secret origin issue!

The St. Louis Cardinals' Cramped Room for Improvement

The St. Louis Cardinals have been operating with very little margin for improvement all season; Joe Kelly's return to the bullpen is the latest example of their cramped maneuvering.

Pitching Tea Leaves and the 2013 Rotation

With Jake Westbrook and Kyle Lohse entering walk years as pitchers, where do the Cardinals look to go with their rotation? Will they re-sign a veteran for consistency in the rotation or look to the farm system to provide upside at a controlled cost?

VEB Annals: The Anthony Reyes Saga

Return to 2003 and walk through the story of Anthony Reyes: from top prospect, to work in progress, to major league pariah, to banishment. It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. But mostly the worst.

Matt Holliday's All-Star Appearance Will Not Confuse Future Generations

The St. Louis Cardinals would be even more frustrating without Matt Holliday's season-long tear.

The St. Louis Cardinals and Jeff Suppan Baseball

The St. Louis Cardinals' key to success in July has been a rotation that is consistently Jeff Suppan.


UFOs (Unexplained Foreseeable Outcomes)

Demystifying the bunt or the chances of a team scoring big in a single inning seems beyond most sports casters. Both occurred in the Cardinals' game and both went unexplained.

The St. Louis Cardinals' Touchables (SFW)

The St. Louis Cardinals' trade rumors could center around prospects like Shelby Miller, but Matt Adams seems a much likelier target.

When Do You Begin Worrying about the Cardinals?

When is it time to worry about the St. Louis Cardinals, in general? In particular?

Boog Would've (Made Matt Holliday Unclutch All Over Again)

The St. Louis Cardinals got a clutch at-bat from Matt Holliday on Monday. What does that mean?

St. Louis Cardinals Interested In Brian Fuentes, Say Sources

The St. Louis Cardinals were always going to sign Brian Fuentes, no matter what they said to the contrary, no matter what they tried differently.

The Parade of Mediocre Veterans Begins

The St. Louis Cardinals' first in a series of mediocre veteran reclamation projects has arrived on the waiver wire. Will they go for Brian Fuentes?

The St. Louis Cardinals Home Run Derby Regress-a-Thon

Which St. Louis Cardinals will be ruined by Carlos Beltran's performance in the 2012 Home Run Derby?


Miscellany - A hodge podge of thoughts as the Cardinals close out the first half of the season.

David Freese and the Point of the All-Star Game

David Freese won the 2012 All-Star Game Final Vote, but what's the point of the All-Star Game?

Kyle Lohse, the St. Louis Cardinals' Stealth Lance Lynn

The St. Louis Cardinals have Kyle Lohse to thank for their recent success, but what will they do when he doesn't?

The Malaise of the Dog Days of Summer

The Malaise of the Dog Days of Summer - Why the Cardinals feel like a mediocre team even though they aren't.

Let's Hear About The Cardinals' Bullpen Some More

The St. Louis Cardinals lose an extremely unpleasant game behind Adam Wainwright and company.

Fixing The Cardinals' Broken Bullpen

A look at the St. Louis Cardinals' bullpen, as though we were trying to trade for it.

Mike Matheny, the St. Louis Cardinals, and Telling Yourself to Go to Hell

The St. Louis Cardinals' new manager, Mike Matheny, has been making some rookie mistakes.

Media and Bunting

It's a universal truth that in any modern sport, it's easier to think of media personalities that are incompetent rather than good ones. (For me, the one exception might be tennis. I think McEnroe...

Morning Thread: Carlos Beltran and Other Good News

It's good to have Carlos Beltran around.

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