Cardinals Analysis

Is Matheny over-using Martinez & Rosenthal?

Mike Matheny is leaning hard on his best young relievers so far this season.

Allen Craig's trouble getting the ball in the air

Despite a very good 2013, there were concerns about Allen Craig in 2014 after seeing a power drop last year and ending the regular season injured. He has done nothing to limit those concerns this season, suffering the worst slump of his career.

What's the deal with Trevor Rosenthal's fastball?

The Cardinals' flame-throwing righthander has uncharacteristically seen his fastball speed dip into the mid-90s as opposed to his normal high-90s velocity. Should we be worried?

*Early Reports on Lance Lynn against left-handers

Lance Lynn has struggled in his career against left-handed hitters. He has faced some tough hitters in Joey Votto and Jay Bruce in his first two starts this year. Pitch location and selection early on could determine if Lynn is trying something new.

Let's talk about pitcher pace...

With all the talk about shortening baseball games, let's take a step back by looking at part of the game we can manipulate without altering how many innings are played.

Early returns on Matt Adams and the shift

Teams increasingly used the shift last season against Matt Adams last season, causing some concern he would not hit as well in 2014 without making adjustments. It is too early to tell if Adams' results are sustainable, but early signs are encouraging

Opening road trip tarnished by what might've been

Going 3-3 during a six-game trek through Cincinnati and Pittsburgh isn't a bad thing.

*Cardinals have yet to extend any young starters

Including Trevor Rosenthal and Carlos Martinez, the Cardinals have six good, young pitchers with under three years of major league service. They have yet to follow the trend of locking up pre-arbitration pitchers to long-term deals.

*Trevor Rosenthal is truly one of a kind

Trevor Rosenthal's pitching ability is absolutely unfair. Thankfully, he wears the Birds on the Bat.

Avoiding middle relief is the best bet for Cards

The Cardinals have built a solid roster, but middle relief remains a concern. Avoiding middle relief altogether is not possible, but the Cardinals can do their best to avoid trouble by having the starters pitch deep in games.


What to expect when you're expecting Michael Wacha

Is it fair to expect Michael Wacha to be as good throughout April, May, June, July, August, September, and (maybe) October 2014 as he was in October 2013? Probably not.

Why the Cardinals will win the World Series

As opening day approaches, the Cardinals have the pieces necessary to win the franchise's 12th World Series. title.

Michael Wacha is not Adam Wainwright

Michael Wacha is not Adam Wainwright, so can we please stop comparing the two? It is an unfair comparison for both of them. Both are terrific pitchers, but the way they have gotten there has been completely different.

*The Cardinals' Carlos Martinez strategy

The Cardinals named Joe Kelly the fifth starter to begin the season. Carlos Martinez heads north as a member of the bullpen. His role for the rest of the season is still undecided.

Matt Holliday defies age-related decline

The Cardinals' leftfielder has continued to produce at very high levels despite advancing in age. Matt Holliday's Age-31 to Age-33 seasons compare favorably with some all-time greats who continued to perform well into their mid-30s.

Why the Cards chose Kelly over Martinez

It might not have been the best decision, but the Cardinals have their reasons.

Out Percentage & the 2014 Cardinals

Baseball is a game in which even the most successful batters fail the majority of the time, so let's focus on the negative.

*Cardinals hit well with two strikes

Much has been made of the Cardinals approach to hitting this spring after excelling last season with runners in scoring position. Another type of situational hitting, having two strikes, gets much less attention.

*A look at the Cards' RISP & bases-empty splits

The flip side of the Cardinals' 2013 success with runners in scoring position is how poorly the club hit with the bases empty.

Allen Craig hitting analysis

Allen Craig is known as a "professional hitter" or the "Amazing Whacker Guy," but how in-depth have people looked at his numbers over his career? We take an in-depth look here, including heat maps versus lefties and righties.

*This spring, Wacha tinkering with a cutter

Michael Wacha was a fastball-changeup-curveball pitcher when the Cardinals drafted him. The righthander is looking to add a cutter to the mix.

*Solo Home Run Percentage & the 2013 Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals' hot hitting with runners on base extended to homers last year.

When will Aledmys Diaz become a free agent & why?

The Cardinals' latest free agent signing likely won't be a free agent at the end of his current contract.

Jhonny Peralta and a potential defensive decline

Jhonny Peralta's defensive ability at shortstop has been questioned since his signing. The defensive numbers prior to joining the Cardinals have been solid. This post takes a look at whether changing teams has negatively affected veteran shortstops.

*Yadier Molina: Appreciate the Known and Unknown

Yadier Molina is one of baseball's best players. While advanced statistics in recent years have a come a long way in helping determine a player's value, catcher defense has lagged behind. New studies are showing how valuable catchers are.

*Aledmys Diaz is the rarest of birds

The Cardinals haven't signed a Cuban defector before, so it's no wonder folks aren't entirely sure what to make of the Aledmys Diaz contract. The Cards' latest signing and newest prospect doesn't fit into the usual ballplayer categories.

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