Cardinals Analysis

St. Louis Cardinals Trade Rumors: Future Payroll


Most trade speculation has revolved around trade targets like David Price and Cliff Lee or the players the Cardinals would have to give up, like Oscar Taveras or Carlos Martinez, but St. Louis is...

*Allen Craig's future as a hitter


No matter how Allen Craig finishes out the season, 2014 is likely to be a personal disappointment statistically. Is there hope for a rebound, or are the Cardinals better off moving him before his...

Peralta's 1st half puts him in exclusive company

Despite what Jon Heyman thinks, Jhonny Peralta has proven to be quite an offseason signing for the Cardinals. If the season ended today, the Cardinals would be in the black on Peralta (paying $15.5...

*Oscar Taveras and center field


Oscar Taveras has seen a few starts in center field at the major league level, but there are some concerns over whether he can handle the position. With Mike Matheny's desire to keep Allen Craig in...

*Revisiting Adam Wainwright versus Carlos Gomez

Watching Adam Wainwright pitch is fun. Watching Carlos Gomez strikeout is also fun. Put the two together, add in a priceless post-strikeout reaction from Gomez, and you have one of the top...

Kolten Wong is going streaking

And the Cardinals are coming with him.

*A look at the pitch grips of Tyrell Jenkins

Let's take a closer look at the pitch grips of Cardinals pitching prospect Tyrell Jenkins, with an "in his own words" section after each pitch.

The case for keeping Kolten Wong at trade deadline


With the trade deadline looming at the end of the month, here is my case for why keeping Kolten Wong is the best current option for the St. Louis Cardinals. I also take a brief look at the PITCHF/x...

Pressure is on for Carlos Martinez


Carlos Martinez, once a luxury for the Cardinals, has emerged as a solid starting pitcher and will now be needed if the Cardinals are to catch Milwaukee.

*Taveras: A guide to using a top prospect, part 2


Barring injury, Oscar Taveras should start in 90-95% of the team's remaining games, including stretches where he plays 5+ games in a row.


Sam Freeman and Solidifying the Bullpen


When Kevin Siegriest went down 6 weeks ago and Jason Motte struggled in this first few weeks back from Tommy John surgery, the bullpen looked like a weakness that John Mozeliak would have to...

*Adam Wainwright and the art of the set-up pitch

The pitch immediately prior to the put-away pitch is obviously very important, and with five different pitches, Wainwright has a lot of options. Just how good is Wainwright at pitching? Let's take...

*Cardinals' Offensive Struggles Continue


The Cardinals' offense has been mired in mediocrity all season long. Oscar Taveras has been brought up to help and veterans could see their playing time diminished. This post takes a look at the...

Managing Yadier Molina's workload


Yadier Molina is one of the hardest-working catchers in baseball. The soon-to-be 32-year old catcher likely needs more days off as he gets older, but the Cardinals continue to run him out there...

*Examining the first start of Marco Gonzales


An in-depth look at the debut start of Cardinals' prospect Marco Gonzales using the data available from

One (Run) is the Loneliest Number


Sure, one-run games are talked about every now and then... but what about the games that teams score just one run?

*2014 Adam Wainwright versus 1968 Bob Gibson

Adam Wainwright has been superb through 16 starts in 2014, but how do his numbers compare to those of 1968 Bob Gibson? It's not fair to compare pitchers from different eras, but it's fun to do anyway.

*Marco Gonzales and a Cardinals' rotation in flux


With Marco Gonzales' addition to the mix of starters for the Cardinals, the future and present of the Cardinals' rotation is difficult to tell, but it looks like Gonzales will get at least one more...

The beauty of a Lance Lynn fourseam fastball


Considering he uses the pitch over 54% of the time, it is not surprising that Lynn's fourseam fastball is one of the best in the league.

Explaining Jhonny Peralta


Jhonny Peralta has been exactly what the Cardinals expected. He's been an above-average shortstop and a solid bat, but his power and low average have been a surprise, as has his continued uptick in...

Cardinals to rest Wacha, start Martinez


The bad news: Michael Wacha needs a rest. The good news: Carlos Martinez will get his second start of the season.

*Are the Cardinals suffering from BABIP woes?

How do the Cardinals stack up against the rest of the league when it comes to the BABIP monster?

Why is Holliday hitting for less power?


Even with two homers in the last week, the Cardinals' $120 million left fielder has experienced a significant drop in power-hitting. Why?

*Breaking down the Tsunamy

Carlos Martinez got his first big league start of 2014 last night and showed some absolutely electric stuff.

Cardinals rotation will remain strong


The Cardinals have had one of the best starting rotations in the majors this season, but the potential loss of Adam Wainwright looms large. How are the Cardinals's pitchers expected to perform as...

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