Cardinals Analysis

*The Cardinals have no infield bench


The Cardinals have been thin on the infield all season long, but after trades and injuries the Cardinals are down to just Daniel Descalso.

Mike Matheny has done at least one thing right

It may be hard to believe, but one cannot really complain about Matheny's management of center field...

Miller tinkers with a sinker as fourseamer fades

In the midst of a poor sophomore season, Shelby Miller has turned to a sinker and pitching to contact.

Kolten Wong's rocky rookie year


Kolten Wong has had his share of ups and down in his rookie season. His overall numbers might not be as good as he had hoped entering the season, but this season has shown promise as he heads into...

The second half travails of Adam Wainwright


Uncle Charlie looked like the second coming of Bob Gibson for the first three months of the season but has really struggled of late. Can most of his struggles be explained by one graph? This...

Jon Jay should bat second for the Cardinals


Given Jon Jay's establish on-base skills, manager Mike Matheny should bat him second over Kolten Wong.

*It's time to stop blaming the Cardinals offense


The Cardinals offense has struggled at times this season, but it has performed better than the number of runs would indicate.

Appreciating Jon Jay


Justice for Jon Jay.

Why is Rosenthal struggling to close out games?


ERA vs. FIP vs. xFIP and the Cardinals closer.

Pat Neshek's All Time Great Season


VEB has spilled a lot of ink on Pat Neshek's fantastic story this season, so I wanted to look at how he measured up with relief pitchers historically. Turns out, Neshek's 2014 season has been...


A tale of two starts: Justin Masterson


On August 8, 2014, Justin Masterson had very little control (3 walks, 2 HBPs) and couldn't keep the ball in the ballpark (2 HRs allowed). On August 13, 2014, he was in full control and did not...

What are the Cards' odds of making the playoffs?


The Cardinals have a better chance of making the postseason than a flipped coin does landing on heads.

*Why I still believe in Oscar Taveras


Oscar Taveras has struggled so far in his time in the majors. It is fair to be skeptical, but Taveras still has all the talent and potential that made everyone clamor to get him to St. Louis in the...

Modeling Maness


Seth Maness has been a very effective reliever for the Cardinals for the last two seasons. Here's the secrets to his success in chart form. All charts and Pitch F/X data courtesy of the fantastic...

Shelby Miller trying to regain his form


Shelby Miller's struggles have gone on for a year, but he has pitched well since receiving rest after the All-Star break. It is too early to tell whether his improved command will stay with him the...

*Where would the Cards be without Lynn?

A look at Lance Lynn's breakout 2014 season to date.

Key to the Cardinals offense: The number two slot

As the Cardinals enter the stretch run, the offense will need consistent production from the number two slot.

Should the Cards sign Neshek to an extension?


To bet on a reliever's career year or not to bet, that is the question.

*Carlos Martinez and his future with the Cardinals


Carlos Martinez moved from bullpen to rotation to bullpen to Memphis all in a matter of months. While his services are not currently necessary in St. Louis, El Gallo is playing a very important...

*A closer look at John Lackey's 1st start with STL

John Lackey was solid in his Cardinals debut. He will be jockeying Lance Lynn for the #2 spot in the rotation come playoff time, I believe. Here's a closer look at the PITCHF/x data from his start,...

Mozeliak has positioned Cards to win now & later


General manager traded from the organization's two deepest positions in an attempt to position the team to win now and later.

John Lackey and Justin Masterson trade impact


The Cardinals made major changes to the rotation, bringing in John Lackey and Justin Masterson. With just two months to go, both players could have a large impact on the pennant race.

*Reflecting on the Cardinals trade deadline deals

It is time for some early reflection and discussion on the two deadline deals.

*Justin Masterson: Low-hanging pie

Meet Justin Masterson. I think you are going to like him.

The changeups of Trevor Rosenthal & Michael Wacha


When it comes to pitching, a perfectly-thrown changeup is truly a thing of beauty.

Matt Holliday's power is on the rise


Matt Holliday has sprung to life in July, but his season numbers are still lacking in the power department. The recent power surge has set him up for a great summer for the second straight season...

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