St. Louis Cardinals weekend update: Adam Wainwright's contract, Kyle Lohse, and more

Lots of J.R. Towles photos so far. - Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Our weekly look at the St. Louis Cardinals news and analysis (and fanposts!) you missed if you only check Viva El Birdos during the week.

The St. Louis Cardinals' Spring Training migration means that we might actually be on the verge of baseball news. It also means traffic in the fanposts section has shot back up. With that in mind, here's the Weekend Update for February 18: All the news and kind-of-news you missed if your work computer is the one with the Viva El Birdos bookmark.

VEB Daily

Felix Hernandez contract details, Adam Wainwright, and the modern pitching deal
On Friday, I looked at the difference between the Chris Carpenter pitching contract, where the injured-starter discount is implicit, and the Felix Hernandez pitching contract, where the injured-starter discount is... somewhat more complex.

Can the St. Louis Cardinals give Carlos Beltran more rest without Oscar Taveras?
On Saturday, I spelled out the depth chart in the outfield in the wake of the suggestion that the Cardinals would like to give Carlos Beltran a little more rest in 2013.

The 2013 Narrative Candidate: Where are the innings coming from?
And on Sunday, azruavatar looked at the depth that gives the Cardinals the opportunity to not sign Kyle Lohse.


Our 2011-2012 strays
d-dee, reigning master of fanpost formatting, swooped in on Friday with a highlight-filled look at 2011 and 2012's Cardinals alumni. A must-read, even if you've already seen Colby Rasmus's cornrows.

The 2012 Bullpen - When It Mattered
Solanus took a leveraged look at the 2012 bullpen's performance, revealing some incredibly well-timed performances from Mitchell Boggs and a sentence Lance Lynn's agent will probably use in his first arbitration case.

The Golden Era of Baseball
And in case you missed it, over the last two weeks ridgesee has dropped into the fanposts section a novella's worth of stories, personal recollections, and trivia about a period in baseball's history that few of us were around to witness. To make it easier, I've linked to his user page blog. So carve yourself out some free time and get reading.

And that's not all of them! For the first time in a while there are more worthy fanposts than I can link to. It's worth noting, while I'm exhorting all of you to read and write them, that the fanposts homepage is now sortable by most recent comment (like a forum) as well as most recent post.

Self-promotion bonus!

DC9 At Night: Does the Harlem Shake Mean We'll Never Escape Viral Dance Memes?
In my other capacity—as an unrepentant Weezer superfan mysteriously assigned to write about music twice a week—I took a look at the Harlem Shake. If you like thinking too hard about memes, you might enjoy it.

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