Hunt and Peck: Special All Star Game Edition

I admit it. I really like the celebrity softball game. - Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Because this time... it counts.

[Adam Wainwright is headed to the table when he is beckoned over by Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw sits in the middle of the table with Yasiel Puig on his right and Zack Greinke on his left.]

KERSHAW: Why don't I know you?

WAINWRIGHT: Oh, I am... I am not a Dodger.


WAINWRIGHT:  I was traded by the Braves to the Cardinals as a minor-leaguer and have -

KERSHAW: Shut up.

WAINWRIGHT: [Shakes head, shrugs shoulders]

KERSHAW: Shut up!

WAINWRIGHT: I didn't... say anything.

KERSHAW: Not a Dodger... That is really interesting.... 'Cause you are like, a really good pitcher.


KERSHAW: So you agree?


KERSHAW: You think you are a really good pitcher?

[A.J. Burnett walks by.]

KERSHAW: Oh, A.J. I love your curveball. Where did you learn it?

BURNETT: Oh, it is something my grandpa taught me in the 80s.

KERSHAW: Oh vintage, so adorable. [Burnett walks away.] That is the ugliest f-ing curveball I have ever seen. So, Waino, we would like to invite you to sit with us for the rest of the week. [Wainwright starts to object.] Coolness. So we'll see you tomorrow.

PUIG: Los miércoles, llevamos rosa. - YoutubeESPNESPNYahoo

Waino will start the All Star Game against against Felix Hernandez. - ESPN; True Blue LA

Other All Star Game News...

  • In this simulation, the American League holds the National League to just one run. - USA Today
  • Due to pitchers being unable to pitch in the game, here are the last minute additions. - SBNations
  • Here is the schedule for this week's events. - SBNation
  • The last All Star Game in Minnesota was in 1965. Here are some really cool articles and footage from that game. - Cut4
  • The Home Run Derby is in a new format and is on tonight. Maybe you think the Home Run Derby is lame, but you know what isn't lame? Watching Giancarlo Stanton pummel baseballs. - Fox Sports
  • Yasiel Puig's hair. - Cut4
What the Cardinals Are Up To...

  • Not giving hints about the All Star Game stater, that is for sure. - MLB
  • But everyone is still trying to find some clues. - STL Today
  • This is a really cute article about the Neshek boys and what Patrick's all star selections means to them. - Sports on Earth
  • I linked this last week, but I think it is worth re-posting. This is Waino's PitchCraft. - Grantland
  • The loss of Yadier Molina is signifigant, but not the end of the world. - Fox Sports
  • If you fall behind Matt Adams in the count, you are going to have a bad time. (Thanks flood!) - Gammons Daily
  • Gabe Kapler, Saber Hero and All Around Good Guy, issued an apology on Twitter for misspeaking during the live, three hour Cardinals broadcast. Being a broadcaster is tough, guys. Gabe is great. - Twitter
  • Fritz wrote something in 2011. It features a drawing. - SBNation St. Louis
  • The Futures Game was Sunday. Here is the line-up with Cardinals representative James Ramsey. - Hardball Talk
The NL Central

The American League

Weekend Scoreboard:
Friday, July 11 Cardinals 7 Brewers 6 VEB Recap BCB Recap
Saturday, July 12 Cardinals 10 Brewers 2 VEB Recap BCB Recap
Sunday, July 13 Cardinals 2 Brewers 11 VEB Recap BCB Recap

Tonight is the Home Run Derby, starting at 7:00pm CST and broadcast on ESPN. The Cards come back home to Busch on Friday the 18 to face the LA Dodgers at 7:15 CST.

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