Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

"I missed this." "I missed it, too." "I missed us." - Tom Szczerbowski


Prior to this weekend the past two weeks of the season could only be described as frustrating for our beloved Cardinals. I was frustrated. You were frustrated. Yadier Molina was frustrated (earning him some curious time off from catching). Watching a team scuffle that, on paper, should be flourishing, was not enjoyable by any means. But the game is not played on paper, nerds! The offense was anemic, the bullpen unpredictable, and the starting pitching in a rut. This Blue Jays series was a taste of what we had been - or at least I had been - expecting from this team: fairly strong starting pitching, a mostly reliable 'pen, and most notably, a patient offense that will wear down the starter, string together hits and walks, destroy the confidence of the opposing starter, making him question his life choices, and occasionally flash some home run power.

Will this success follow the team to Tampa Bay tomorrow? Who knows? I sure hope so, though, because this weekend was a lot of fun to watch! - STL Today

What Else is Going On in Baseball...

  • Manny Machado had a really rough weekend. Cheer up and relax, buddy. - MLB
  • Kenny Powers lives! (thanks flood) - SBNation
  • Uh oh. Someone just called someone other than Yadier Molina the "best catcher in baseball" and they may have a point. (Thanks flood!) - Beyond the Box Score
  • Justin Verlander plays second base, roars, steals hearts. - Cut4
  • Matheny has asked his plays to let him know when they think a call is incorrect, but so far this season, the players haven't really been able to tell. - Fangraphs
  • If you missed the MLB Draft and want to get caught up, here is the link for you! - SBNation
  • Fourth of July cap stuff! - Sports Logos

What the Cardinals Are Up To...

NL Central

  • Seth Meyers on the Pirates broadcast! - Cut4
  • Carlos Gomez is fun. - SBNation
  • Anthony Rizzo hits a walk-off homerun. - MLB
  • The oldest living Cub sings take me out to the ballgame. He is 97, so you all already know what that means. I mean, the joke writes itself, so do I really have to stoop to that level? Anyway, it is adorable. - Cut4
  • Standings:
    Milwaukee Brewers 38 26 .594
    St. Louis Cardinals 33 31 .516
    Cincinnati Reds 29 32 .475
    Pittsburgh Pirates 29 33 .468
    Chicago Cubs 25 35 .417

The Tampa Bay Rays
  • On Wednesday evening, June 4, Don Zimmer, a MLB manager and coach for over 60 years passed away at the age of 83. The Rays chose to honor him with a tribute. - Cut4
  • Will the Rays be sellers this summer? - Fangraphs
  • Fink should have your series preview tomorrow, hitting the virtual stands at 1:00pm sharp. Until then, head over to DRaysBay for some more in depth Rays news. - DRaysBay
  • Weekend Scoreboard of Hope and Joy:
    Friday, June 6 Cardinals 1 Blue Jays 3 VEB Recap BB Recap
    Saturday, June 7 Cardinals 5 Blue Jays 0 VEB Recap BB Recap
    Sunday, June 8 Cardinals 5 Blue Jays 0 VEB Recap BB Recap

    Today the Birdos are getting a much needed off day that will hopefully allow them to rest and continue playing well. Adam Wainwright will lead the charge against Jake Odorizzi. First pitch is set for 6:10pm CST and the game will be broadcast on Fox Sports Midwest, Sun Sports, KMOX 1120, WDAE 620 AM /95.3 FM, and WGES 680.

    I am always happy to take any link suggestions. Send them to me via Twitter: @lil_scooter93 or e-mail:

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