Ladies and gentlemen of the Viva El Birdos community,

I am here to beg for your help. I have recently graduated from college, my current circumstances paired with the pleadings of my wife have led me to the conclusion that I want to pursue a job in baseball.

First: if you have any advice for me at all, please lay it on me. I will take every piece of advice that anyone has to give.

Second: having done a bit of research, it sounds really hard to get into the world of baseball, and my background isn't terribly impressive (outside of some blogging, I haven't done anything professional with baseball), but I found one idea that stood out to me. Basically, it's creating a report.

Because I currently live in southern Florida, I will probably target the Marlins. Because I will target the Marlins, I want to do my report on Giancarlo Stanton. Here's my general outline that I came up with in about ten minutes of thinking:

  • What would a trade net the Marlins at various points (trade deadline '14, offseason '14-'15, trade deadline '15, etc.)? Obviously finding comps and digging through farm systems would be useful.
  • What would an extension look like at various points? Again, finding comps and figuring out what it took and why.
  • What will Stanton's price be on the free agent market? More comps.
  • Best trade candidates at various points. More digging through farm systems and figuring out who has what where.
  • Best potential returns. Should the Marlins move Stanton? When? Why? How do they get the most out of their budding superstar? How does this all affect the box office?

So that's a fair amount of stuff, and I think it will both be interesting and hopefully reasonably impressive (if done well). I'm more than willing to put in the work, but I don't always know where to go, and this is where I would like some help. If you have any advice about where to find specific information or could be available for periodic questions regarding how to crunch data, I would greatly appreciate that. Additionally, if you have any suggestions for things that I ought to include in the report, I'd appreciate that. Finally, if you would help me with piecing it together (looking at what I have, telling me if it's effective, helping me pare it down to a reasonable size, etc. . . . basically editing), I would appreciate that.

Again, I'm in need of help. If you wonderful people would please help a fellow Cardinal fan, I would be eternally grateful.

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