Viva El League Update

With less than 100 games left, Viva El League is starting to take shape. Team Dr. Howl defeated WAR-riors to end an 8 game winning streak to make it to .500. The league has started to amass a number of medals for achievements.

The Continental is tied with 5 other teams for 5 medals representing everything from clutchness to making a trade. WAR-riors have the most medals and share the best record in the league with MrB4567.

Aaron Miles M.D. is winning the runs category overall. Jhonny B. Goode has the most home runs with MooCow 2nd. Aaron Miles and the MooCow have racked up the most total bases. Dr. Howl is the OBP champ... with Aaron Miles a close 2nd. MrB is dominating the league in the stolen bases category. And that's just half the offense stats!

Pitching-wise, no one can compete with Aaron Miles M.D. in innings pitched. Fourstick's team has given up the least amount of runs. WAR-riors and MrB are the champs at ERA though.... as well as K:BB ratio. WAR-riors have pretty much owned the pitching stat categories, save perhaps for Joe Buck Yourself you only has allowed 2 inherited runners to score. And that was just half the pitching categories!


Howling Rain (North)

1 avatar MrB4567 8-2-0 .800 2-0-0 - 1-0-0 12 20
5 avatar Dr. Howl 5-5-0 .500 0-2-0 3 1-0-0 4 10
8 avatar Rain Dog 4-5-1 .450 1-1-0 3.5 1-0-0 3 19

Fantastic Planet (East)

6 avatar The MooCow Moo-ers!! 5-5-0 .500 2-0-0 - 0-1-0 5 17
7 avatar The Terrans 5-5-0 .500 1-1-0 - 0-1-0 8 7
12 avatar teamfantasywsbound 1-8-1 .150 0-2-0 3.5 0-1-0 11 10

Walking Miles (West)

4 avatar Aaron Miles M.D. 6-4-0 .600 1-1-0 - 1-0-0 2 17
9 avatar Walken Buys 4-6-0 .400 2-0-0 2 0-1-0 9 11
10 avatar Joe Buck Yourself 3-7-0 .300 0-2-0 3 1-0-0 6 13

War Tortoise (South)

2 avatar The WAR-iors 8-2-0 .800 2-0-0 - 0-1-0 7 11
3 avatar Jhonny B. Goode 7-2-1 .750 1-1-0 0.5 1-0-0 10 22
11 avatar Bucket O' Suds 2-7-1 .250 0-2-0 5.5 0-1-0 1 4

The trade season is off and running with the WAR-riors trading Josh Willingham and Aaron Harang (due to an abundance of starting pitching) to Dr. Howl for Russell Martin and Alcides Escobar (due to a glut of middle infielders and Yadi and Iannetta as catchers).

Still plenty of time left for last place teams in the West to get first place. Even a 1-8 team int he East can surpass a division leader when the leader is only .500 at this point. Anyone's ballgame. My team started at 1-4 and are now 5-5, only 3 games out of first.


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