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The world is a cruel place, Mike. Especially when you send down young 2B after 30 PAs. - Scott Cunningham

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with this breaking news story.

At approximately 10:00pm yesterday evening police were called out to the scene of a disturbance in a local residential area. The call was to the residence of Michael Scott Matheny, 43, who was home unexpectedly from work. Reports indicate that Matheny heard noises outside of his home, grabbed his baseball bat and headed outside to investigate while wife, Kristen, contacted the authorities. Upon further inspection, remnants of thrown eggs were discovered adhered to the siding of the residence. The type of eggs are unknown at this time, though chicken has been suggested by experts.  Matheny was able to catch the suspect by surprise, but was not able to subdue him or her. Being a career .239 hitter, this really comes as no surprise to everyone. When asked about who he believed was behind the vandalism, Matheny stated he had no idea who would want to act against him, "but I have handled adversity my entire life and I know we will be able to get through this as a family."

In completely unrelated news, Memphis second baseman Kolten Wong is batting .333/.366/.462 for the Redbirds. - Fangraphs

What Else is Going On in Baseball...

What the Cardinals are Up To...

The NL Central

  • Tuesday was the anniversary of Kerry Wood's 20 strikeout game. - MLB Fancave
  • Jeff Samardzija is 0-3 with a 1.62 ERA. - Sports on Earth
  • That adorable dog, guys. I agree with Brandon McCarthy. It is a travesty there are not more dogs in public to play with. - Cut4
Milwaukee Brewers 22 13 .629
St. Louis Cardinals 18 17 .514
Cincinnati Reds 15 18 .455
Pittsburgh Pirates 14 20 .412
Chicago Cubs 12 21 .364

The Pittsburgh Pirates (14-20)

  • Oh girl, Gregory Polanco rejects a seven year deal from the Pirates. - Hardball Talk
  • Let's explore how much he would be worth. - Fangraphs
  • Fink provides you with his series preview. WARNING: Adorable Matt Adams picture. - Viva el Birdos
  • Check out their SBN Blog for more extensive Pirates coverage. - Bucs Dugout
Viva el Stuff...

  • If you missed PSCA's article on Carlos Beltran's newest milestone, you are missing out. - Viva el Birdos
  • Joe sits down with ESPN's Buster Olney in this interview. - Viva el Birdos
  • As You Van Slyke It has very graciously donated two all-inclusive tickets available for silent auction, with the proceeds going to Cardinals Care for the Viva el Run. (Sidenote: can someone fill me in on the relationship between AYVSI and Hatts for Matts because I appear to be missing something?) - Viva el Birdos
  • The 1888 Browns take on the 1968 Cardinals in this Tournament of Champions from 2008. - Viva el Archives
  • Check out Tuesday's links. There is ice cream. - Viva el Birdos

Other Things...
Weekly Scoreboard:
Tuesday, May 6 Cardinals 1 Braves 2 VEB Recap TC Recap
Wednesday, May 7 Cardinals 7 Braves 1 VEB Recap TC Recap

Tonight the series in Pittsburgh begins at 6:05 CST with Michael Wacha squaring off against Pirate hurler (heh heh heh) Francisco Liriano. Coverage will be provided on Fox Sports Midwest, ROOT Sports, and MLB Network and on KMOX 1120 and KDKA-FM 93.7.

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