Who is the Biggest Homer in Viva El League?

The homer tax was once again in play last night in VEL, where the players were once again predictably betting above the average Yahoo cost for their beloved Cardinals, despite having only $200, 23.1% less than the average Yahoo Auction Draft of $260. Only one question remains: Who is the biggest homer?

Total Number of Cardinals Picked:

First Place: Dr. Howl – 7 Cardinals

Second Place: The MooCow Moo-ers!! – 4 Cardinals

Third Place: Teamfantasywsbound – 2 Cardinals

Fourth Place (Tie): Jhonny B. Goode / Aaron Miles, M.D. / Mr. B – 1 Cardinal

But who cares about how many Cardinals they have, or even who spent the most on the Cardinals? Who cares if they’re getting fair value right? Well that’s where we come in here: Who bidded the highest on each player versus the average fan playing Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, despite VEL having 23.1% fewer funds than the average league?

Once Again:


14. Matt Holliday: $21 / Avg: $20.3 / 3.4% More (Teamfantasywsbound)

25. Allen Craig: $17 / Avg: $20.5 / 17.1% Less (Howl)

39. Yadier Molina: $18 / Avg: $14.8 / 21.6% More (Howl)

45. Trevor Rosenthal: $13 / Avg: $14.8 / 12.2% Less (Howl)

49. Shelby Miller: $13 / Avg: $11.7 / 11.1% More (Teamfantasywsbound)

75. Matt Adams: $9 / Avg: $5.2 / 73.1% More (The MooCow Moo-ers!!)

82. Jhonny Peralta: $7 / Avg: $1.5 / 78.6% More (The MooCow Moo-ers!!)

99. Lance Lynn: $7 / Avg: $3.6 / 94.4% More (Howl)

153. Joe Kelly: $1 / Avg: $1.5 / 33.3% Less (Howl)

175. Carlos Martinez: $16 / Avg: $1.1 / 1,354.5%!!!!! More (Again, Howl)

210. Kolten Wong: $5 / Avg: $1.8 / 178.8% More (Howl)

249. Peter Bourjos: $1 / Avg: $1.5 / 33.3% Less (The MooCow Moo-ers!!)


Michael Wacha: $1 / Avg: $13.5 / 92.6% Less (Mr. B)

Adam Wainwright: $23 / Avg: $30.4 / 24.3% Less (The MooCow Moo-ers!!)

Oscar Taveras: $1 / Avg: $1.2 / 16.7% Less (Jhonny B. Goode)

Matt Carpenter: $3 / Avg: $19.4 / 84.5% Less (Aaron Miles, M.D.)

And if we take the total amount paid versus the average, we can get a feel for who in Viva El League is the most unabashed homer of them all:

First Place: Dr. Howl – 53.7% More

Second Place: teamfantasywsbound – 6.3% More

Third Place: The MooCow Moo-ers!! – 3.6% More

Fourth Place: Jhonny B. Goode – 16.7% Less

Fifth Place: Aaron Miles, M.D. – 84.5% Less

Sixth Place: Mr. B – 92.6% Less

If there is one thing about this I have learned, is that VEB REALLY likes Carlos Martinez. What do you all think?

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