Viva El Birdos Week in Review:  3/22/14-3/28/14

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It was a busy week...

Fanpost of Note

Dr. Howl continued his series of 2014 forecasts with:

Saturday, 3/22

  • Joe celebrated Aledmys Diaz's MLB spring-training game debut by compiling some video of his past exploits.
  • In the game thread post, Aaron set the scene for the Cards-Stros matchup.

Sunday, 3/23

  • I analyzed Out Percentage (negative flip side of OBP) and the 2014 Cardinals.
  • I wrote up the series of roster moves the Cardinals announced on Sunday, including naming Joe Kelly their fifth starter to open the season and reassigning Diaz to minor-league camp.
  • WyoCardsFan graced us with his main page debut, a recap of the Cards-Astros game.

Monday, 3/24

  • Fourstick gave us a report on the weekend in Cardinals minor-league camp.
  • Aaron launched his Fourth Annual VEB Predictions Contest (with prizes).
  • I examined the Cardinals' rationale in choosing Kelly over Carlos Martinez for the rotation, but was left unconvinced it was a good decision.
  • Craig analyzed how Matt Holliday has avoided the decline of age to date.
  • Lil' Scooter provided us with her Hunt & Peck weekend links.

Tuesday, 3/25

  • Craig tackled the Cardinals' Martinez strategy.
  • I took a gander at Keith Butler, Jorge Rondon, and Scott McGregor, the three righties who were the finalists for the ultimate bullpen spot (at the time).
  • I dove into Major League service and free-agency eligibility under the baseball CBA.
  • Aaron previewed the Cards-Fish exhibition in the game thread post.
  • stlcardsfan4 wrote his first recap (and even included a pic of his homemade scorecard).

Wednesday, 3/26

  • In the Daily Farm Report, Cardinals645 broke down the prior day's minor-league goings on, including scoreless outings for Tim Cooney, Cory Jones, and Alex Reyes.
  • I had some fun with the stats of springtime.
  • RB delivered his tenth MLB draft preview, this one focusing on high-school hurlers.
  • Joe explained why Michael Wacha is not Adam Wainwright.
  • Aaron explored Natitude while providing a backdrop for the Cards-Nats game.
  • Dr. Howl made his recap debut.

Thursday, 3/27

  • The Daily Farm Report, which was co-authored by Cardinals645 and fourstick, detailed Sam Gaviglio's solid outing and some minor-league cuts by the Cards.
  • In the Writers Roundtable, we made our 2014 MLB awards predictions for MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year.
  • In the first installment of the VEB 2014 NL Central Preview, Joe dug into the Cincinnati Reds, including a Q&A with our SBN sister site Red Reporter.
  • The Cardinals somehow played the Marlins yet again and Aaron set the scene for spring's final game.
  • I opined on why the Cardinals will win the World Series.

Friday, 3/28

  • Fourstick detailed in the Daily Farm Report how, early in spring, Oscar Mercado and Edmundo Sosa are giving us reason to believe they might have a pair of shortstops who can hit.
  • I considered the uninspiring situation that is the competition for the Cards' final bullpen spot.
  • Craig previewed the 2014 Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Lil' Scooter hunted, pecked, and gave us the week in links.

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