Viva El Birdos Week in Review: 3/15/14-3/21/14

A slew of writers made their VEB debuts, a fink revealed his true name, Craig was on KMOX, the Daily Farm Reports started up, I pondered what Pete Kozma might fetch in a trade, Joe examined Allen Craig's power outage using strikezone heat maps, and more...

Fanposts of Note

Saturday, 3/15

  • I revisited Solo Home Run Percentage (Solo HR %) through the prism of 2013.

Sunday, 3/16

  • I wrote about young Michael Wacha experimenting with a cutter during spring training.
  • Joe broke down Allen Craig's 2012 to 2013 power drop by looking at strike zone heat maps.
  • The artist formerly know as a fink set the table for the Cards-Mets game.
  • I examined the effect of Sunday's MLB camp cuts on the spring-training roster matrix.

Monday, 3/17

  • I considered how skill, approach, mechanics, and (mis)fortune might have affected the 2013 Cardinals' splits with RISP and the bases empty.
  • Joe explored how small sample sizes have impacted the perception of Kolten Wong.
  • Lil' Scooter delivered a weekend's worth of links in her regular Hunt and Peck.
  • Aaron broke down the Cardinals-Red Sox matchup in the game thread.
  • I took a gander at the Cards' major-league camp trimming on Monday.
  • The Continental made his debut, giving us a terrific recap of the Cards-BoSox game.

Tuesday, 3/18

  • Cardinals645 provided us the first Daily Farm Report of the 2014 season, breaking down the action on the MiLB back fields in Florida.
  • Craig examined how the Cards hit well with two strikes a year ago.
  • Fourstick profiled Xavier Scruggs.
  • I put together a Cardinals Spring Training Opportunity Tracker post for the off day.
  • Social Chair Finkel launched the sign-up for VEBDAY 2014.
  • Craig was on KMOX to talk Cardinals baseball.

Wednesday, 3/19

  • Fourstick delivered the Daily Farm Report for the minor-league action on Tuesday.
  • RB gave us his 2014 Draft Preview the Ninth.
  • Joe analyzed Adam Wainwright's curveball usage in 2013.
  • Aaron talked Minnesota baseball with one of his friends (a diehard Twins fanatic) in the Cardinals vs. Twins game thread post.
  • IHeartBoog made her poetical debut, gracing us with a wonderful recap of the Twins-Cards game.
  • I explained why the Cardinals optioning lefty Tyler Lyons to minor-leage camp was inevitable.

Thursday, 3/20

  • Cardinals645 wrote up the farm activity from Wednesday, 3/19.
  • Craig explored how Cardinals legend Bob Gibson first excelled as a Creighton basketball player.
  • I pondered what el Birdos might get in a Pete Kozma trade.
  • Fourstick explained why it was silly to compare Prospect Oscar Taveras to Prospect Colby Rasmus.
  • Aaron prepared us for the Battle of Jupiter: Marlins vs. Cardinals.
  • Fittingly, santiagofish gave us his first post, with an extremely enjoyable recap of the Cardinals-Fish game.

Friday, 3/21

  • RB took a not-so-humble victory lap at his prescient spring surprise picks.
  • To celebrate Aledmys Diaz's MLB spring-training debut, Fourstick ranked the shortstops in the Cardinals farm system.
  • Lil' Scooter gave us her curated links from the week that was.
  • Aaron set the scene for the Diaz Day.
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